Avoiding Nicole in My Hollywood Virtual Office

I’m sitting here in my virtual office in Hollywood as Tropical Storm Nicole pours down inches of rain. Flash flooding is a real possibility. Winds are up to 40 mph. The streets are dangerous. News reports indicate possible tornadoes. So far, the electricity is still flowing, but Florida Power & Light is prepared for outages.

Although this is small potatoes compared to Hurricane Wilma, I was grateful I didn’t have to venture out onto the beach streets this morning to head to work. Instead, I am writing this blog post from my virtual office in Hollywood. That means I stayed dry and kept working, relying on virtual office technologies as I always do to keep meeting deadlines.

If you are an entrepreneur in any area of the country that deals with hurricanes, you can relate to my story. A virtual office space is a luxury any day of the week. But when the rains are pouring down and the roads are dangerous, I’m especially grateful not to have to step outside my home and onto the streets.

Davinci Virtual offers virtual offices across South Florida, with three in my neighborhood. There’s the Hollywood Business Center FL, the Hollywood Florida Business Center and Executive Suites of Hollywood. All three are prime locations, but the Executive Suites of Hollywood is my personal choice because it’s right up the street from my home. That means if I need access to business services, like color copying, I can take a mile drive and get it done quickly. I can also use the conference room there at any time, which makes it convenient for business meetings.

Let’s take a closer look this virtual office space. It’s located at 2455 Hollywood Boulevard. That’s a nice address in Hollywood. At this location, I can get mail and package receipt, a lobby greeter, a client drop off and pick up point, and mail forwarding if I want it. Virtual office rental fees at this location run $110 a month. The conference room rentals run $25 to $40 an hour, depending on various factors, and it’s a sterling experience.

So consider your situation. What would you do if you couldn’t go to work today and had to work from your home office. Do you have the virtual office technologies in place to help you remain productive? What about on sunny days? If you work from home, do you have a quick access to conference room available where you can meet clients? If not, consider renting a virtual office. Rain or shine, you’ll can reap immediate benefits.

Check out the flooding in my neck of the woods:



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