Does Old Spice Guy Use a Virtual Office?

Isaiah Mustafa, better known as the Old Spice Guy, is the centerpiece of what some are calling one of the most brilliant ad campaigns ever -- and that was before he became a social-media sensation.

Mustafa, who presents himself in commercials as the perfect man, is now responding directly to questions from Twitter and Facebook followers via 30-second videos posted on a YouTube channel.  Old Spice now has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter—a number that’s growing by the hour.

Even social media's mavens are giving Mustafa the nod -- or receiving a nod from him. Twitter cofounder Biz Stone tweeted Tuesday night about how he was cracking up at Mustafa's videos. Mustafa also made a video specifically for Digg cofounder Kevin Rose, who apparently was under the weather. But the bigger hit has been interacting directly with his new fans.

I decided to ask Mustafa a question of my own: “With your adventurous lifestyle, are you working from a virtual office to keep up with you fans?”

See, I got to thinking about. How could Mustafa experience the smell of adventure, walk on a rolling log, bake a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built with his own hands before swan diving into a Jacuzzi in the mountains and then hopping on a motorcycle—and still keep up with all his fans—unless he was using virtual office technologies? I'm waiting to hear back...

I noticed a lot of Mustafa’s tweets are coming from his iPhone. So we know the Old Spice Guy has the Apple hookup. But I wonder if he’s using a Davinci Virtual office? If not, he should be. A virtual office would give him one phone number that could ring to any phone he desired in any place in the world he happens to be. A virtual office address would also give Mustafa one permanent place for fans to send snail mail, and he could have it forwarded to him just about anywhere. Mustafa could even use virtual office technologies to set up web conferences with his newfound fans.

Mustafa…Would you like a free Davinci virtual office? If so, come talk to me. I may be able to hook you up. You don’t even have to get off your horse.

Check out the videos that helped make Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy, famous:



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