Virtual Businesses and Virtual Offices Go Hand in Hand

One of Australia’s top 50 best places to work is a virtual company. Led by 39-year-old CEO Kristin Ferguson, Sentis ranked five in BRW’s 2010 list—right behind Google.

The corporate culture at Sentis, a company that trains mining, resources and utilities companies on safety and leadership, is relaxed. The company doesn’t have fixed office hours. They wear jeans if they feel like it. And they travel most of the time.

"Because we are a virtual business and we don't get to see each other a lot, we take two days every six or eight weeks to bring all the staff off the road,” Ferguson told The Courier-Mail. “On the first day, we go wine tasting or rock climbing or go-karting and then the second day we spend as much time on the personal development of our staff as we do on professional development. We need to make sure everyone is passionate about what they do because, if they are passionate, everything else will follow.”

Sounds like the perfect fit for a virtual office. I’m not sure whether or not Sentis uses a virtual office in its Australia location. But with so many traveling workers, it would make sense. It’s possible that the employees work from home, so many use virtual office space and others may not. But the rise of the virtual business, and the recognition that such a place could be one of the best places to work, right alongside Google, is telling.

More and more, companies are exploring the benefits of virtual workers, and virtual office space for mobile workers. With virtual office space, Sentis employees could give clients a single 800 number or local number that would reach them wherever they went in the world. With a virtual office, the company could enjoy mail receipt and forwarding services, as well as rent a conference room for the virtual business to get together for staff meetings in between the rock climbing and wine tasting excursions.

Whether your virtual business is located in Australia or Atlanta, you can depend on a virtual office to handle your important calls, receive your important mail, host your important business meetings and help your mobile workers drive more productivity as they fly from place to place around the world.

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