Why Growing Services Firms Are Choosing Virtual Office Space

It’s not must manufacturing that’s rebounding. The U.S. service sector is climbing, too. That means companies in industries like public relations, accounting, law and other “services” are picking up momentum after the recession.

According to the Institute for Supply, the non-manufacturing grew for the fifth consecutive month in May. In fact, the service sector actually added workers for the first time since December 2007, albeit just slightly. That’s a good sign for services firms from Los Angeles to New York and beyond.

Now, the question becomes how to handle that growth. Rather than rushing out to rent additional office space, growing service firms can opt for a virtual office.

Whether you need to add new employees but don’t have the additional desks in your traditional office space or your company’s status quo is to let employees work from home and meet once a week at a restaurant for a staff powwow, a virtual office can come to the rescue of busy, growing services firms.

With a virtual office, you can have a single local or 800 number for clients to call. When they do, they will be routed to the employee or department they are looking for automatically—no matter where that employee happens to be. Likewise, a virtual office gives your company a single, prestigious business address where you can receive all your mail and packages. You can even have mail forwarded to individual employees or they can stop by the physical location and pick it up at their convenience.

In fact, the key word with virtual office use among services firms is convenience. If you need to rent a conference room for a big client presentation, a virtual office provider makes that possible. If you need to do web conferencing with clients over seas, a virtual office provider makes that doable. Virtual office providers like Davinci Virtual offer an end-to-end virtual office system that can meet the needs of even the most demanding services firms.


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