Save Gas with a Virtual Office Space

From Seattle to Los Angeles to Philadelphia and beyond, gas prices are down across the nation. And in some places gas prices are still dropping. So says the AAA.

The national average price for gas is $2.72 a gallon for regular fuel. That’s down about 16 cents a gallon from just a month ago, but not quite as low as the $2.51 from this time last year.

This is good news if you are planning to drive somewhere for your summer vacation. But if you work from a virtual office year-round, then gas prices—whether they go up or down—aren’t a major drama for you.

That’s because when you work from a virtual office you are saving potentially hundreds of dollars every year on gas—by not driving to a traditional office space. If you work from home and rely on virtual office technologies, you can save much more than the dollars you invest each month—and not just in gas but in productivity you lose when you drive to an office space.

With a virtual office space, you can get an 800 number, a professional business address that accepts mail and packages, and access to a meeting room on those days where you need to meet with a client face to face. You also can tap into services like virtual receptionists or web conferencing that help you further drive up your productivity.

Whether you are the type who waits for the news of a gas price drop to fill up, or you just welcome the news of more ways to cut business costs, Davinci Virtual has a host of low-cost virtual office solutions that can help you save money and increase productivity so you can better enjoy your summer vacation.


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