Miami Herald Columnist Chronicles Rise of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is on the rise. So says an article in the Miami Herald this morning. Let’s read a excerpt from the article by Cindy Krischer Goodman:

“When you can read your e-mail at the beach, hold a videoconference in your dining room and chat with a co-worker from a doctor's waiting room, is there finally a new definition of “the office''? The numbers say yes.

“Teleworking -- working remotely at least one day a week -- is on the rise, driven by businesses desperate to cut costs, a new emphasis on the green movement and the increasing availability of a high-speed Internet connection. Today, more than 34 million U.S. adults telecommute at least occasionally and that number is expected to swell to 63 million -- or 43 percent of U.S. workers -- by 2016.”

If this is all true, and it is, then employees who telecommute needs virtual office technologies to help them remain productive and competitive. Companies looking to save money on office space without reducing the workforce they need to get the job done are turning to virtual office space.

Virtual office space gives companies many of the conveniences of a full-time office space without the high overhead. Whether your company is just trimming size of its bricks-and-mortar facility commitments to reduce office lease costs—which may necessitate that some of your valued employees telecommute—or expanding into new locations without the budget to rent traditional office space, virtual offices can help you drive efficiencies in any economy.

When you rent a virtual office space, you can access an 800 or local phone number with multiple extensions. When clients call into the main number, their calls can be routed automatically behind the scenes to your employees, whether they are working from a home office in Atlanta or in your corporate offices in Chicago. It’s seamless.

The virtual office is an ideal solution for companies that are exploring telework. The Miami Herald article did a fine job of explaining why more companies are telecommuting. The reporter left out one important aspect of making it run more smoothly, though: virtual office space. Sure, you can telecommute without a virtual office space, but considering all the many benefits of virtual office technologies, why would you want to?

Check out this video for telecommuting issues for moms.



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