Davinci Virtual Gives Away Free iPad

As announced weeks ago, Davinci Virtual is giving away a free iPad in our iPad Sweepstakes. The drawing is going to be held on June 1—that's just days away.

The iPad giveaway could be a boon to your virtual office. And even more so these days because the iPad is hard to come by. Indeed, spot shortages of iPads are spreading.

Analysts at Piper Jaffray reportedly called 50 Apple stores this past week. What they discovered was a "very limited" supply of iPads. Specifically, 74 percent of the stores were completely sold out all models. One hundred percent of the Apple stores were sold out of the 3G model and only 26 percent had Wi-Fi models left to sell.

So if you've been thinking about adding an iPad to your virtual office arsenal, well, you'd better start calling Apple stores in your area in a hurry. And if you discover that your virtual office mobile productivity dreams are shattered by the short supply, hurry up and enter Davinci Virtual's iPad sweepstakes.

You don't have to be a Davinci Virtual office customer to enter the sweepstakes. Just click here and fill out the form you find on the page. Full disclosure: a Davinci Virtual office representative will contact you to find out more about how a virtual office can meet your business needs. You'll find a no-pressure, educational approach.

If you've been hankering for an iPad and can't find one, taking a moment to learn about Davinci's virtual offices could pave the way for you to receive a shiny new iPad. And, what's even better, it could pave the way for a virtual office system that helps you drive the productivity you need to remain competitive.

Can the iPad really be used for business purposes? Check out this video and decide for yourself:



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