Boost Your Productivity with Virtual Office Technologies

Productivity, the output per hour worked, is key measure economists review on a quarterly basis—and it looks good in the U.S. for the first three months of the year. Productivity rose 3.6 percent in the first quarter of 2010.

Many companies looking to improve productivity are turning to virtual offices. The virtual office can make you and your employees more productive in several ways.

A virtual receptionist can field and screen calls, take messages, or forward calls to you wherever you are. A virtual receptionist can even make appointments and take orders, freeing your staff to focus on more vital aspects of day to day business.

Similarly, virtual office technologies like Live Web Chat can address consumer questions about products and services you have for sale on your web site. In this way, you can get stronger, more qualified leads so you can close the sale.

Another way to improve productivity with virtual office technologies is through web conferencing. Davinci Virtual has a partnership with Cisco to offer WebEx web conferencing at an attractive rate. By relying on web conferencing, you can avoid traveling for face to face meetings and share information in real-time.

It’s likely that one of your competitors is already using virtual office space and virtual office technologies. Davinci Virtual has virtual office space in 700 locations around the world, and even state in the United States. Whether you need a virtual office space in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle or Tampa, Davinci Virtual has the tools and technologies you need to make your workforce more productive.

Check out this video on boosting your personal productivity from motivational speaker Brian Tracy:



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