Can Virtual Offices Make Your Dreams Come True?

Entrepreneurs and dreaming go hand in hand—but what happens when you throw a virtual office into the mix? The combination might help you work smarter, if Harvard Research bears true.

According to the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Sleep and Cognition in Boston, dreams play a part in learning by processing what people recently experienced. For example, people who dreamed about a maze video game they played before they took a nap performed better on that video game the next time they played it. People who didn’t dream about the video game did not perform better in side-by-side testing.

This fascinating research makes me want to take a nap—and working from a virtual office makes it more possible to do just that. Working from a virtual office lets business go on as unusual while you take a 30-minute post-lunch nap. Your virtual receptionist can hold all calls, take messages, answer client questions and otherwise fill in the gaps while you dream your way to better performance.

Virtual office technologies like Live Web Chat also keep the e-commerce and online lead generation wheels turning while you take your nap. When you wake up, you are refreshed and ready to conquer your business dreams again. And, if the Harvard study holds water, there is a possibility of performing at higher levels, especially if you dreamed about a particular business issue.

There are countless studies on the benefits of napping. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to deny the value of naps. But let’s face it. It’s tough to squeeze in a nap in a traditional office environment. Even if you can close your office door and turn off your phones, it’s likely that you will meet with distractions that will interrupt your nap time. With a virtual office, you can work from home without missing any business opportunities—and you can nap with fewer distractions.

Check out this video on power naps in a "napping spot" in New York City:



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