The Evolution of Take Your Child to Work Day

Today is ‘Take Your Child to Work Day.’ Did you take your child to work? What I discovered is that my daughter’s school won’t allow me to take my child to work because I work from a virtual office space. The Fort Lauderdale schools apparently require a traditional office environment.

That mindset illustrates the importance of companies like Davinci Virtual continuing to educate the market on virtual office space and its benefits. With telecommuting, a mobile workforce, and home-based entrepreneurs on the rise in this economy, kids could learn a valuable lesson about the future of the workforce if schools allowed students to go to work with their parents who work at home and use a virtual office.

If the purpose is “teaching moments” that expose students to the world of work, what better way than to let them see how they can launch their dreams from a home office using virtual office technologies? If my daughter’s school had allowed me to “take her to work,” I could have chosen to take her to my local Davinci Virtual partner and held a meeting in one of their meeting rooms. She could have met the receptionist that greets clients that would come to meet me there.

Virtual office space is part of the 21st century workforce paradigm. Kaplan University offers online degrees, but also has campuses in cities like Fort Lauderdale, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Des Moines, Iowa.

At Kaplan, the workplace does include virtual and at-home workers. The university extended Take Your Child to Work Day into a week-long program in which its 2,800 South Florida employees take their kids with them to work at home, in coffee shops or other non-traditional environments. I thought that was a novel idea.

As for my daughter, she's probably in math class right about now.


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