What Your Mother Never Told You About Time Management

Time management. It’s an issue that directly impacts productivity. So before you fly to your next meeting in Chicago, consider how virtual office space can help you save the trip—and get home in time for dinner.

Sure, you can make good use of travel time to catch up on reports, plan new projects or write business letters. But no matter how efficient you make your flight to Chicago (or Tampa or Raleigh, or wherever your business meeting happens to be), you are still wasting time passing through airport security, waiting for luggage and riding in cabs.

Virtual office space can make you more productive, more efficient—and save you money by making it easy for you to tap into technologies like computer mirroring, interactive presentations, and teleconferencing. Instead of standing in front of a projector in Chicago, you can sit in front of your computer screen—and share it with others—using technologies like Cisco’s WebEx.

In fact, these virtual office technologies aren’t just appropriate for meetings across the country. They are just as helpful for meetings with people in the same city, the same building or even the same general office space.

With everyone in front of their computers, handling tasks and making notes during the meeting, the whole team can be productive, whether they are on-site or working from a virtual office on the home front. The bottom line: virtual offices can help you with time management and can have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.


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