Setting Up a Virtual Office in China

Google made good on its threats to exit China on Monday.  The Internet giant had promised to shut down its search engine in the Asian nation in the wake of a cyber attack against the company in January. Seemingly in response to the attacks, Google began refusing to comply with the Chinese government's mandate to censor search results.

Despite Google’s decision to shuttle traffic to its Hong Kong domain and shutter the Google.cn address, the search engine company said it plans to maintain an R&D presence in the communist country, signaling the importance of this strategic, high-populated market to Google’s plans.

What about your company? Do you have a presence in China? You can make it easy with a virtual office. Davinci Virtual offers virtual office space in key Chinese cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau, Tianjin and, of course, Shanghai.

With a virtual office space in China, you can get a prestigious office address, professional reception service, mail and package pick up and delivery and access to meeting and conference rooms when you make your overseas trip to check in with clients.

Expanding into China doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor when you rely on virtual office space. Instead of renting a physical office, the virtual office lets you dip your toe in the water and establish business relationships before you official rent a bricks-and-mortar building in which to base your business.

And if your company offers services rather than products, or if you are merely having products manufactured in China for import back to the U.S., then a virtual office could be a permanent, cost-effective solution for your firm.


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