Getting Your Virtual Assistant to Help with Facebook, Part 3

Now that Facebook has more traffic than Google, you’ll want to make sure you are in the game. One of the best ways to promote your business on Facebook is with a fan page. Your virtual assistant can help you set up and drive awareness for your brand on Facebook. Without further ado, let’s check out some strategies for engaging with your fans and winning new ones.

Get Involved
If you want to have an active fan base, you need to be an active administrator. This is where your virtual assistant comes in. Give your virtual assistant a strategy for keeping your fan page updated at least once a day with something new. You could ask your fans a question, launch a promotion, offer a preview of an upcoming product or service so they’ll be ‘in the know.’ Keep the conversation going – participate.

Launch Contests and Promotions
If you want to attract fans and keep the fans you have coming back, launch contests and promotions. Your virtual assistant can offer incentives to people to join your fan page, like a discount or free shipping. You could also offer a $10 coupon for your products and services as an exclusive to your Facebook fans.

Install Facebook Apps
There are hundreds of Facebook apps you can install to make your fan page more interactive and unique. You can add videos, podcasts and much more. Ask your virtual assistant to explore these apps and come up with some suggestions for applications that might work well with your social media strategy.

Ask Your Fans to Recruit
If you want to get more fans, you could launch Facebook ads. You could also get your virtual assistant to post a request on your wall asking your current fans to “Suggest this page to friends” by clicking the link under your brand image. When your fans recommend your fan page to their friends, it’s a valuable endorsement.


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