How Your Virtual Assistant Can Help with LinkedIn, Part 3

So far your virtual assistant has built your LinkedIn profile and started expanding your business social networking connections. Now it’s time to make the most of your LinkedIn experience. One way is through recommendations.

After all, it’s all about relationships right? Recommendations can set you apart from the rest of the LinkedIn population and help you make the connections you need to drive business growth. So how can your virtual assistant help you get recommendations on LinkedIn? We’ll explore that in this post.

First, log into the LinkedIn home page and click the ‘Recommendations’ link under the profile tab. You’ll see another link that says ‘request recommendations.’ This is a three-step process that your virtual assistant can handle for you quickly.

    1. Identify the job for which you’d like a recommendation.


    1. Choose people who would be the most appropriate to offer that recommendation.


    1. Write a note to the person explaining why you need their recommendation.

You need to be clear with your virtual assistant. Don’t let them choose whom to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation. Decide ahead of time and give her a list, which could include clients, business partners, former employers or colleagues.

You’ll also want to give your virtual assistant some copy she can pass along with the recommendation outlining the some suggested key points that makes it easy for the person writing the recommendation.

Keep in mind that you don’t need recommendations from all of your LinkedIn connections. The quality of your recommendations is more important than the quantity. You might also prime the recommendation pump by having your virtual assistant post recommendations for some of your LinkedIn connections, prompting a return recommendation.


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