Study: Telecommuting Employees Happier, More Productive

Looking for a few good reasons to let employees telecommute? I discovered some research from Pennsylvania State University called, "The Good, the Bad and the Unknown About Telecommuting: Meta-Analysis of Psychological Mediators and Individual Consequences."

OK, so that's a mouthful, I know. But there are some strategic insights and bona fide reasons why telecommuting might be a good option for your company.

With the advent of virtual office space, telecommuting has never been easier – and that's a bonus reason. The reasons in the study go well beyond the cost-efficiencies of virtual office space.

Happier Employees
That's right. Happier employees. The study makes a positive connection between telecommuting and job satisfaction. What's more, the study reveals employees who telecommute are less likely to quit. Generally speaking, I am also betting that happier employees are more productive employees.

More Productive Employees
Guess what? I was right. The study showed just that. Employees in the study didn't necessarily feel more productive, but there was a clear connection between telecommuting and the manager's perception of employee productivity.

Positive Relationships
Common sense seems to scream that telecommuting employees might be or feel isolated. But the study showed that employees who worked from home three days a week actually has no negative impact on workplace relationships – and it’s actually better for families.

Positive Families
That's right – telecommuting is better for families. Some people might think having hubbie or daddy in the home office might blur the lines between business and pleasure, or put stress on the family. But the study shows that the opposite is reality.

Free Employees
Finally, telecommuting employees have a sense of freedom and control. This finding was actually a foundation from which the other benefits of telecommuting seem to emerge.

So, are you ready to give a virtual office space a try? Companies large and small are succeeding with a distributed workforce, mobile workers, and telecommuters for all the reasons listed above and others. And, back to my original assertion, you can cut costs with a virtual office space even as your employees are happier, more productive, form positive relationships, enhance family life and feel free.


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