Why You Don't Need Full-Time Office Space

Small business owners don't always need a full-time, dedicated office space. In decades past, the alternative was working from home and having lunch meetings with clients in restaurants, hoping they didn't ask to come to your office.

The rise of virtual office space helps entrepreneurs overcome the challenges typically associated with working from home, such as maintaining a professional business identity that’s separate and apart from your three-bedroom house or loft apartment.

With a virtual office space, you get a prestigious business mailing address in your city of choice. That means whether you want to be listed in your hometown or are expanding your small business footprint into new cities, your business address can work for you, not against you.

A virtual office space also works hand in hand with another important aspect of business professionalism – the virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist can answer the 800 number that's assigned to your virtual office account with a customized greeting that gives clients a strong first impression. The virtual receptionist can also serve to make appointments and screen calls so you can focus on getting through that long list on your desk.

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you don't yet need a traditional office space. Even if you do have employees, they may also working from home. Maybe you meet up together once a month for a face-to-face brainstorming session, or maybe you connect via video conferencing technologies. You may not need traditional office space, then but a virtual office space with all  its amenities can be a cost-effective way to take your business image to the next level.


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