Who’s Answering Your Phones?

Customers expect a professional, personalized greeting when they call your office – but that doesn’t mean the person who answers your phones has to be located in your office, does it? Thanks to the virtual receptionist, the answer is no, it doesn’t.

In fact, you may be surprised to discover that a virtual receptionist may be answering the phones at your doctor’s office, accountant or other professional service firm. Because they are professional and knowledgeable, you couldn’t tell the difference. That’s because the virtual receptionist seamlessly fields questions, deals with appointment setting and otherwise handles issues an on-site receptionist would – all from a remote location.

With virtual office technologies, this is not only possible, it’s a growing trend in business today. And it’s not an issue of outsourcing overseas. Virtual receptionists are stationed in the United States, and understand the language and customs so there are no dialect or cultural issues to overcome (that you may have experienced with many call centers).

The virtual receptionist offers all the benefits of an on-site staff member without the overhead costs associated with hiring an on-site staff member. Specifically, that means no weekly salary, no health insurance costs, and no vacation time. For all these reasons, virtual receptionists are being used by companies large and small more and more often.


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