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Best Ways to Juggle Parenthood When You Work from Home

For parents, working from home is the perfect compromise between work and family. Davinci virtual office solutions let you run a national or even international business from the comfort of your home, by having a reputable office address and having mail forward to you at home.

However, you still need to strike a balance between work and family. It's easy to spend all of your home time mentally 'at the office' or neglecting work for family fun. If the balancing act is leaving you reeling, let these tips help you even the scales.

Be Realistic
Expect interruptions, even when you really can't afford them. Kids will spill things, have to come home from school early, and plead with you to come watch their latest puppet show. If you recognize and even embrace the inevitability of interruption, it will frustrate you less.

Set Boundaries
Make your expectations clear and your kids may just surprise you. Teach them to knock even when the door is open and to always check to see if you're on the phone before coming in. It's also good to have a few, set hours that you aren't available except for emergencies.

Turn Coffee Breaks into Family Time
Watch an episode of their favorite show with them, have them put on an art show or just talk. Your kid will feel special and you will be revitalized by the interaction. It will also help minimize distractions later.

Unplug on Family Outings

Once work is done for the day, let it be done. Don’t answer phone calls or e-mails while you're out and about. It detracts from the time you get to spend together outside the home.

A healthy work-family balance is essential for all families. With Davinci making it easier than ever to work from home, you can enjoy a more intimate work environment and be closer to your family. As long as you set boundaries for both yourself and the kids, you can perfect the juggling act.


Out-of-the-Box Success in Rotterdam

You’re an out-of-the-box thinker. You like pushing the edge, and creating new things out of established ideas. When it comes to international business, you know you want roots in a city that understands your visions of whimsy. Rotterdam is just the city for a global foot in the door.

Ranking second only to Hong Kong, the Netherlands is considered one of the best places to do business in the world, and Rotterdam is a top city in the country. Whether you are a real go-getter on the brink of greatness with your start-up business or you have decided to broaden your horizons with your established business, consider taking advantage of this European gem. Known for its avant-garde architecture and business savvy, this is the place to be bold.

However, you may not have the financial means to actually take on a brick and mortar investment in this thriving city. If you are an entrepreneur working out of your home or small office space, someplace in the center of international business like Rotterdam could be beyond your reach. Even with an existing business, you may prefer to test the waters before you actually establish another office in a European location. If you are looking for the reputation without a major financial burden, Davinci virtual office solutions can assist your brave new adventure.

The beauty of a virtual office is the fact that you can make a good impression by using a physical address in a prime location. You can obtain a physical address that is actually located in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam. Choose an address smack dab in the middle of the businesses in the healthcare, chemical, and marketing fields. Rotterdam calls to mind great architecture like the Witte Huis and bold cultural attractions like the Wereldmuseum. Make a splash of your own with a virtual address right in the heart of town.


Shooting for the Stars in Munich

munich-webAs a business owner with big dreams, launching your business on the international scene is your moon shoot. Whether you’re a start-up business owner who is shooting for the stars or a savvy CEO who has already been around the block, you know you need a respected global city to make a statement. Munich is the place to be. Entrepreneurs and established, successful business owners alike recognize this German gem's appeal, with its high standards of living, the presence of financial powerhouses, and a strategic location for international rendezvous. A stake in Germany is a message to your clients that your business is here to stay. As a European hub of activity, it's a city filled with high expectations and excellent products. This is the exact kind of reputation you want, when you’re looking to expand your company into the international marketplace.

However, making the investment in a brick and mortar establishment in pricey Munich may not be feasible or possible for every business. This is when a creative business owner such as yourself pulls out your ace card: Davinci virtual office solutions.

When you turn to Davinci virtual office solutions, you can take advantage of all that Munich, and a European presence, has to offer without paying the price of leasing or purchasing a building. This works both if you own a larger business and want to have a point of reference in the midst of international activity or you own a the small company just getting its start in the world. It provides you with a physical address located in a prime location, providing you with a boost for your reputation. Receive and forward mail from Munich, giving a strong impression with each form of communication that travels through your virtual office.

When it isn't possible to afford a building in this extremely expensive region or you are dabbling with the idea of expanding, you can still reap the benefits of a Munich office. Make a smart move and discover the possibilities in store by being at the right place at the right time. Your virtual address in Munich can make a strong statement, helping your business to grow in leaps and bounds.

Four Simple Tips for Creating a Smart Home Office

home-office-webThe home office is quickly becoming the new frontier of the business world. A designated office space is a crucial part of maintaining productivity, professionalism, and organization. A professional space can help you stay in a professional frame of mind. Are you looking for ways to optimize the space you work in? We’ve compiled a list of four tips for creating a space for success.

Proper Lighting 

Bright ideas rarely happen under dim lighting. The lighting inside your home office can actually affect your productivity and health. Picking a room with a window is a great way to get exposure to natural light while you spend hours at your desk. The natural vitamin D from sunlight will benefit your health and sleep cycle. Avoid eye strain and perpetual sleepiness if you keep your office too dark. An office without a window will need some overhead lighting, so be sure to place accent lamps in various spots around your desk to provide proper lighting for typing and reading documents.

Add Some Professional Reminders

Working from home sometimes means working in your pajamas. It can be difficult to remember that you’re a professional when you’re responding to emails inside a warm pair of bunny slippers. It’s important to fill your office with little reminders of your status as a working professional. Hang reminders of your accomplishments and credentials on your walls. You can frame any diplomas, certificates of achievement, or professional portraits you own. Being surrounded by professional reminders could provide the inspiration you need to maintain a professional attitude during virtual interactions with clients.

Bring in a Coffee Pot

Everybody who works from home understands how important it is to keep work obligations and domestic life separate. Traditional offices always have a coffee pot. Try adding your own personal coffee pot to your home office to avoid the temptation to wander into the kitchen every time you need a java fix. A trip to the kitchen could result in distractions, unhealthy snacks, and lost time. People who don't drink coffee can substitute an electric tea kettle or bottled water.

Invest in a Good Chair

A bad back is always bad for business. You’re probably going to spend a lot of time in the chair in front of your desk. Every home office needs to have an ergonomic chair. The chair you pick could be the most important investment you make for your home office. Be sure to look for a chair with the right balance of support and resistance. Chairs with mesh backs are a popular choice in the corporate world, today. Many office supply stores also offer kneeling stools. A kneeling stool provides the opportunity to change your posture every few hours.

Your home is where you live. Your home office is where you make a living doing what you love. Davinci virtual office solutions want to help you stay caffeinated, motivated, and inspired to always do your best work in your home office. These tips may help you build a global empire without ever changing out of your pajamas.

Making Business Blossom in the Land of the Rising Sun

rising-sun-webAs a business owner, you’ve learned to take advice from the most brilliant minds out there, including Steve Jobs. When it came to business savvy, Jobs—like yourself--knew a thing or two about staying ahead of the curve and doing business with only the best. This includes international opportunities, such as Japan. Jobs once said of Japan, "I think what they do is reinvent things.... In some cases, they understand it better than the original inventor." His observation is right on the money. In a culture focused on streamlining and graceful etiquette, the streets are packed with innovative technology from advertisements to transportation.

Any tech company worth its salt wants a foothold in Japan. It is home to international technology behemoths, manufacturing moguls and biotech geniuses. When you are ready to take your business to Japan's cutting edge economic stage, having an address in Tokyo will give you the presence you need to succeed.

Tokyo real estate is a rare and expensive commodity, and competition for space in premium districts is even more fierce. Business transactions in Japan are very much founded on appearances. The right location can earn you instant respect among potential clients, but once you factor in overhead and staffing, opening a Japanese office can be cost-prohibitive for most businesses. Davinci virtual office solutions open the possibility back up.

Davinci gives you a mailing address in the heart of Tokyo's business districts, making an excellent impression on local and international clients alike. Without paying for a physical location, you enjoy a premier address, lobby directory listings, and a lobby greeter to polish your presence. Clients send mail to your address in Japan, and we forward it to you. We can also help out with live receptionists and meeting rooms when you come to conduct business.

In Japan, the appearance of a respectable business is crucial for financial success. Davinci can bring your business into the thriving heart of technological innovation without gutting your business savings. Conduct yourself with an innovator’s grace and savvy in this land of the Rising Sun.