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Virtual Offices Boost Business Productivity in Connecticut

Thinking about setting up shop in Connecticut? Cities like Cheshire, Danbury and Darien would love to have you as their newest business resident.

Connecticut bills itself as a business-friendly state that’s dedicated to helping businesses grow. Connecticut has developed industry clusters that aim to attract companies in specific industries. Connecticut’s industry clusters include aerospace, agriculture, bioscience, insurance and finance, plastics, software IT, and tourism.

Connecticut has one of the best-educated, most productive workforces in the nation. Employee productivity is at an all time high, with worker output at more than 33 percent of the national average. Of course, Connecticut also has a strategic location in the heart of New England’s business corridor. Companies like Aetna, ESPN, GE and Pitney Bowes are located in Connecticut.

Whether you are starting a new business in Cheshire, looking to expand into Danbury, or just looking for ways to be more productive in Darien, a virtual office offers strategic solutions that save money and set the stage for greater productivity.

You can get a virtual office in the Cheshire Business Center at 615 West Johnson Avenue for as little as $95 a month. In Danbury, you can tap into a professional image at the Danbury Business Center at 100 Mill Plain Road for $135 a month. And in Darien, you can rent a virtual office at the Darien Corporate Center for as little as $40 a month.

Each of these Davinci Virtual office spaces gives you a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, a client drop off and pick-up point, a lobby directory listing, and other services that will help you work more efficiently. If you need to rent a conference room or a day office by the hour or by the day, Davinci Virtual also gives you that option.

Virtual offices offer a means for companies to test the waters in Connecticut before renting physical office space. Virtual offices also open the door to telecommuting for employees without sacrificing a professional business image by having various phone number for each employee. And for road warriors that call Connecticut home, a virtual office can help keep business moving while you are on a plane, train or automobile.

Did you know many products were invented in Connecticut? Check out some famous business start-ups from Connecticut i this YouTube video:


Hiring Companies Examine Virtual Office Space

Employer optimism in the global labor market is improving. Employers in most major countries plan to hire more than they did a year ago, and a majority are reporting stronger quarter-over-quarter hiring plans. So says the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.

Will hiring companies turn to virtual office space before they expand their physical office space? It’s a strong possibility, and a wise move—for two reasons. We’ll get to those reasons in a minute. First, let’s hear more from Manpower.

Despite uncertainty in the European market, fewer employers are reporting negative forecasts for the quarter ahead. Meanwhile, employers in China and Taiwan indicate their most robust hiring plans since the Manpower survey began in these markets in 2005, and the forecast from U.S. employers is similar to three months ago but notably improved from last year at this time.

"Across the world, there is improved optimism towards hiring, which is typical for this phase of the recovery," says Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman and CEO of Manpower Inc. "The majority of countries are emerging from the downturn, but still have a way to go as companies are feeling demand for their products and services, but it has not accelerated enough to excite hiring prospects. The U.S. is in the beginnings of a hiring recovery; however there is still economic uncertainty, which is going to bridle stronger hiring."

This, along with a new report that consumer spending is on the rise, is good news for companies around the world. But cautious companies should consider virtual office space even as they return to hiring mode. A virtual office space can give employees the ability to tap into the company’s phone system without being in the physical office space. This can save the company money in traditional office rentals while they wait for a full recovery and the budget to add more space.

A virtual office space is also strategic from a recruiting perspective. As the economic recovery continues, companies can recruit talent from well beyond their local region, plug them into virtual office technologies, and even see increased productivity. By employing virtual office space, companies can attract talent that is not willing to relocate, but finds the idea of working from home attractive from a work-life balance perspective.

Just as virtual office space gained momentum as companies looked to trim overhead in a down economy, virtual office space is poised to continue that momentum as the economy recovers. The benefits of virtual offices are no longer a secret. Companies large and small are acquainted with the cost-savings, productivity increases and other advantages virtual offices offer.

Need confirmation of Manpower's survey? Check out this video from competitor Randstad:


Houston Virtual Offices Help Young Professionals Shine

Houston claims to have an unbeatable entrepreneurial spirit. With so many young professionals there, it is not hard to believe the claim. The Texas city also bills itself as the new global gateway with the most cost-effective opportunities for your success. It becomes even more cost effective when you set up shop in Houston with a virtual office.

Houston ranks sixth among US. metropolitan statistical areas, with a population of nearly 6 million. The Southwestern city is strategically located, geographically centered between the East and West coasts. Houston has an international airport, a deep sea port and intracoastal waterway, multiple major railroads and intermodal facilities, and a strong highway system.

Houston also has some impressing ratings. Forbes.com rated Houston number one on its “Best Cities for Young Professionals” list. Manufacturer’s News rated Houston number one on its “Top U.S. Manufacturing Cities” list. The Daily Beast gave George Bush Intercontinental airport the top rating in its “America’s Best Airports” list. The list goes on and on.

Whether you are already doing business in Houston or you are considering establishing a presence there, a virtual office is a smart way to keep overhead low.

As a young professional, you can work from a home office in Houston and still maintain your privacy while boosting your professional business image by renting virtual office space. That’s because you get a prestigious business address. Davinci Virtual has six strategic Houston virtual office locations, including the Houston Uptown Business Center, Park Ten Business Center and Houston Westheimer Business Center. You can meet clients at these and other virtual office locations when you need to make a presentation, and the client will find your name on the lobby directory.

If you are a young professional expanding into Houston, or just need a business address there, a virtual office is a better solution than a P.O. Box or a suite number at a pack and ship center. A virtual office gives you more than a business address. You also get a phone number with a local area code that clients can call, which offers a stronger first impression to potential business partners, vendors and customers in Houston as you prepare to enter the market.

Want to get to know Houston a little better? Check out this YouTube video:


Virtual Offices Can Help in Whooping Cough Epidemic

Forget the swine flu for a minute. There's another potential pandemic starting in California. On Wednesday, health officials gave the whooping cough—a disease of the respiratory mucous membrane—epidemic status in the Golden State. Also known as pertussis, it's called whooping cough because the disease brings severe coughing spells that end with a whopping sound when the person breathes in.

Los Angeles County alone has confirmed 148 cases of whooping cough. Another 55 cases were reported in Orange County. Across the state, that figure rises to 910 cases. Five babies have died from the disease in California this year. This isn't the first time whooping cough has reared its ugly head there. In 2005, there were 3,182 cases and eight deaths.

When epidemics like the H1-N1 or the whooping cough—or even when during regular flu season—it's wise to have alternative working arrangements such as virtual offices for employees. Children are most at risk, but 38 percent of children diagnosed with whooping cough got it from their mother and another 17 percent got it from their father, according to Dr. Mark Horton, director of the California Department of Public Health.

With a virtual office, employees can reduce the risk of contracting and spreading whopping cough. A virtual office allows the employee to work their home in Los Angeles, for example, and still appear to clients as if they are working from the office. The virtual office system is complete with virtual office technologies like Cisco's WebEx, along with virtual receptionists who answer and route calls seamlessly.

A virtual office can also make it possible for employees to get some work done at home while suffering from whooping cough. The employee may feel well enough to work but may still be contagious. A virtual office quarantines the employee, if you will, from other employees so the pertussis doesn't spread across the organization. Yet the company reduces productivity loss by making it possible for the employee to continue working from the virtual office.

Whether it's airline strikes, natural disasters or epidemics like the whooping cough, the virtual office can help mitigate the risks. Avoiding lost productivity and stemming the spread of disease don't depend on virtual offices alone, but this tool is part of a larger solution that comes with many additional benefits. Davinci Virtual has virtual offices available in major California cities, including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Irvine, Burbank and beyond.

Check out this newsbyte on the whooping cough epidemic in California:


Virtual Receptionists Eliminate Sick Days Debate

New research from the National Opinion Research Center and the University of Chicago reveals 16 percent of respondents have lost a jobs because they had to take time off work to deal with a sick family member—or their own illness.

Three in four respondents say paid sick days are a basic worker's right, and 75 percent favor a law that guarantees paid sick days for all workers, and most support pro-rated paid sick days for part-time workers. What's more, 86 percent back a plan that would require a minimum of seven paid sick days per year, and 33 percent say smaller employers should provide the same number of paid sick days as larger employers.

Congress is considering the Healthy Families Act, which would allow workers at businesses with 15 or more employees to earn up to seven paid sick days annually. The good news for your small business is that when you work with virtual receptionists, you don’t have to worry about sick days—and you also don’t have to worry about lost productivity or covering the phones because your receptionist is out sick.

A vital part of a virtual office package, a virtual receptionist helps you make a good impression on clients without having to hire, train and employ a receptionist on-site. And since you aren’t employing the virtual receptionist, you aren’t responsible for dealing with sick days. If one of Davinci Virtual’s virtual receptionists call in sick, the company simply shifts the calls to another available virtual receptionist. It’s a seamless transition. Your clients will never know the difference because all of Davinci’s virtual receptionists are well-trained.

Davinci’s live receptionists are equipped with advanced answering systems so they don’t miss a call. And since your virtual receptionist only answers the phone for you and up to four other businesses, the call volume is always manageable. Davinci offers a pay-as-you-go phone plan, so you only pay for the virtual receptionist minutes you use. And, again, you never have to worry about your virtual receptionist calling in sick.