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Davinci’s Virtual Office Assistants Help in Holiday Crunch

It’s the holiday season. That means a holiday break is coming soon—and there’s plenty to do beforehand. Why not turn to a Davinci virtual office assistant to help you get it all done?

Busy execs and small business owners alike need help with day-to-day administrative tasks year-round—how much more during the hectic holidays? But that doesn’t mean you need to hire a full time secretary or administrative assistant to help you out. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the skilled helpers you need on demand.

Combining the services of a live receptionist telephone answering with administrative support, Davinci's Virtual PA service offers businesses with a virtual office at any one of our locations across the United Kingdom, including virtual offices in London, virtual offices in Manchester, and virtual offices in Birmingham, with a range of support services that provide a simple and efficient solution to any office administrative task.

As Davinci Virtual always says, “first impressions count.” A virtual assistant can make a positive impact on how a business is run and perceived at a fraction of the cost of hiring, training and employing full time staff. When you work with Davinci, you’ll get a virtual assistant service receive a dedicated “real person” to manage your requirements, including:

  • Diary management (including scheduling, reminder calls & follow ups)

  • Front of house – customer service duties

  • Organizing meetings and booking meeting rooms

  • Updating of company Web sites, customer relationship management systems and distribution of information via e-mail

  • Administrative support such as producing documents, presentations, copy typing, invoicing

  • Call screening and dealing with enquiries

How do you get started? All it takes is a 15-minute training call to get your dedicated virtual personal assistant up and running. That means you cut out all the tedious recruiting and staffing issues. And your virtual assistant will never call in sick, resign or otherwise leave you hanging because Davinci has backup admins in house.

AOL Ranks Atlanta Third Best for Telecommuters

AOL recently named the “11 Best Cities for Telecommuters.” Atop the list is Austin, followed by Cincinnati. So why is Atlanta among the top cities for telecommuters? Let’s find out what AOL had to say:

“Anybody who has watched Atlanta over the past few decades should be unsurprised at its emergence as one of America's most energetic cities. Home to four major league sports teams, several top universities, and an impressive array of cultural offerings, it gives residents the full city experience. What's particularly impressive, however, is that Atlanta combines all of this with a cost of living that's 4 percent below the average for a big city in America, and a crime rate that has fallen sharply over the past decade.”

Atlanta is one of the most attractive cities to live, work and play in the Southeast. With plenty of options for virtual office space in prime locations across Atlanta, it also makes it an ideal place for telecommuters, in Davinci Virtual Office Solutions’ book.

Davinci Virtual has 11 virtual office locations in Atlanta. Although you can rent virtual office space in Atlanta at any of these 11 locations, let’s take a quick look at the three virtual offices available on Peachtree Street, one of the best addresses in Atlanta:

You can rent virtual office space at 235 Peachtree Street NE for just $50 a month. You can rent virtual office space at 1401 Peachtree Street for just $50 in Midtown Atlanta. That’s a bargain in any city!
You can rent virtual office space at 191 Peachtree Street for just $95 a month in Downtown Atlanta.

All of these locations offer a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, a client drop off and pick up point, and more. You can even rent conference rooms and day office space on demand. So when it comes to the third best city from which to telecommute, Davinci Virtual has all the bases covered with these and other locations.

Check out this YouTube video to get a closer look at Peachtree Street:


AOL Ranks Cincinnati Second Best for Telecommuters

AOL recently named the “11 Best Cities for Telecommuters.” Atop the list is Austin. We looked the reasons why AOL named Austin a telecommuter’s dream earlier this week. Now, it’s time to look at the runner up: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Indeed, Cincinnati, Ohio ranked second on AOL’s list of best cities for telecommuters. What reason did AOL give for the honor? Let’s check out what AOL said from its own mouth:

“Ohio’s largest metropolitan statistical area has all the standard accoutrements of a major city: With a ballet and a symphony, an opera and several museums, it is home to more than 10 colleges and universities, and is headquarters to nine Fortune 500 companies. But its real claim to fame is culinary: Host of America’s largest Oktoberfest celebration, Cincinnati’s rich German heritage continues to flavor the city's culture. In recent years, however, schnitzel and bratwurst have given way to spicier fare, and Cincinnati’s famous five-way chili has propelled it to the title of  “chili capital of the world,” with more chili restaurants per capita than any other city in the world. Yet, even with all those beans, Cincinnati remains the second most fit, third most literary and second cheapest city on this list.”

Very interesting. When you look at it from that perspective, I can agree that Cincinnati would be a great city for telecommuters. The good news is Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has plenty of options for virtual offices in Cincinnati. There is a trio of virtual offices in Cincinnati to choose from:

You can rent virtual office space at Cincinnati’s Blue Ash building for as little as $135 a month. Your premium address would be 11427 Reed Hartman Highway.

You could also opt for virtual office space at the Chiquita Center. Your business card would read 250 East Fifth Street, 15th Floor. Virtual offices at this location also run about $135 a month.

Finally, you could choose virtual office space at Cincinnati Executive Office at 9453 Waterstone Blvd. That virtual office will cost you only about $100 a month.

Beyond the premium business address—and the ability to have chili five-way any time you want—you’ll also get mail and package receipt, a business support center, lobby greeter, and more. You can also rent a conference room office on-demand. So if you are considering renting virtual office space in Cincinnati—AOL’s second best city for telecommuters—look no further than Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

United Way Turns to Virtual Office to Cut Costs

In yet another example of organizations executing alternative workplace strategies, Porcupine United Way in Timmins, Ontario has shuttered its physical office space and moved in, so to speak, to a virtual office. The non-profit says the move will save it thousands of dollars.

Angelo Lia, Porcupine United Way Board President, says the board and staff made the decision after evaluating ways to reduce operating costs to allow more dollars to flow into supporting community services.

“We feel this is the right time to move to an electronic environment,” Lia says. “We have seen limited ‘walk in’ business at our previous location, have invested dollars in technology, and have a strong board-staff relationship. Given the nature of our work, we believe it is more productive to have our staff available to the community in a more flexible manner.”

Like Porcupine United Way, more organizations—large and small—are evaluating alternative workplace strategies. Virtual offices are a key part of any alternative workplace strategy. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has eight virtual office facilities in Ontario, spanning from Markham to Toronto to Mississauga.

With a virtual office space from Davinci Virtual, organizations can slash office expenses to a tiny fraction of traditional office space costs without compromising a professional image or productivity. Davinci Virtual offices offer a prime business address for mail and package receipt, and a long list of add-on services, like virtual receptionists, virtual assistants and web conferencing.

AOL Ranks Austin Best City for Telecommuters

AOL is calling out the “11 Best Cities for Telecommuters.” I thought it would be interesting to look at these cities over the next few weeks and discover what makes them such great choices for telecommuters.

Let’s see why AOL ranked Austin number one on its list:

“Austin's fame is as eclectic as the city itself. The real star of Richard Linklater's breakout film Slacker, it has a rich intellectual and cultural scene, due in no small part to the University of Texas -- Austin, the flagship of the UT system and the undisputed leader among the more than 10 colleges and universities that make their home in the city. Austin is especially famous for its impressive music scene, which has made it the self-declared ‘live music capital of the world.’ As far as fitness is concerned, the American College of Sports Medicine ranks it as America's tenth-healthiest city (and the top one on this list).”

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions agrees with AOL that Austin is a hot city for telecommuters. And we have the virtual office space and virtual office technologies to help telecommuters present a professional image and even boost creativity while they are at it.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers three strategic virtual office locations in Austin. You can choose from Congress Plaza Executive Suites, Flintrock Executive Suites and Austin Centre Office Building.

Congress Plaza Executive Suites is located at 111 Congress Avenue. You can rent a virtual office at this location from $95 a month. That’s a bargain in this southwestern city.

Flintrock Executive Suites is near Travis Southwest. You can rent virtual office space there from just $75 a month.

Austin Centre Office Building calls 701 Brazos Street home. You can rent virtual office space at this location from $70 a month.

So you can see that Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has a virtual office in Austin to fit just about any budget. With that monthly fee, you get a prime business address, mail and package receipt, a business support center, lobby greeter, client drop off and pick up point and more. You can even rent a conference room or day office space on demand for a small additional fee.

Stay tuned for an up close look at other cities that made AOL’s list.

In the meantime, check out this video tour of Downtown Austin: