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Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Offers Free Live Web Chat

How would you like 90 days of free Live Web Chat to start off 2011 with a bang? Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is making this attractive offer available for new customers.

In case you aren’t familiar with Davinci’s Live Web Chat, think of your own Web experience. You’ve probably been on a Web site shopping at some point and needed more information about a product or service, but didn’t have time to wait your turn in the phone cue to speak to a customer service agent.

Suddenly, you received a pop up from a customer service representative asking if you needed any help and you were so grateful. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions understands that your customers are busy and they want to help you serve them better. That’s why the company is offering you a free 90-day trial of its  Live Web Chat service. The service complements Davinci’s high-end live virtual receptionist services and allows customers to convert Web traffic into leads or sales – and it’s only $49 a month.

Here are some great stats that shed light on the importance of Web chat services:

  • Agent productivity increases 35% to 75% (Yankee Group)

  • Customer service is less expensive with Web chat (Forrester Research)

  • Conversion rates are 20% higher (Forrester Research)

  • Shopping cart abandonment declines 10% (Marketing Sherpa)

  • Chat leads to 30% lift in average order value (Jupiter)

If you have a Web site that sells products or aims to generate leads for services, this will be a godsend for you. After three months, you will pay only $49 a month for the Live Web Chat service. Do the math. That means you are getting $150 worth of free Live Web Chat service so you can see first hand how it impacts your business before you ever pay a penny.

Want more information? Go to the home page now and look for the “Live Web Chat 90 Days Free” banner on the right hand side. Click the banner and you can get started today. Hurry! This offer won’t last long.

Could Your Business Benefit from a Virtual Office Space in 2011?

Any business could benefit from the advantages of a virtual office. Like anything else, of course, there are early adopters. The real estate industry, hardest hit by the economic downturn, is among the first major industries to make a widespread movement toward virtual offices. The legal industry is another.

More market segments will migrate to virtual offices and virtual services as other market segments demonstrate the value of having done so. Even as the economy recovers, companies continue to look for ways to reduce cost while enabling functional support services is and will continue to be the priority of every business.

What industry is next? Accounting is a no-brainer. Although there's something to be said for physical office space for accountants, a small space combined with virtual offices for individual accountants seems the most frugal way to leverage a hybrid presence.

Retailers need a physical presence, but many other types of businesses could go virtual—or at least reduce their reliance on physical office space by renting a smaller space and spreading out virtually.  So get creative as we head into 2011 and determine if there is an alternative workplace strategy that would help you drive cost savings and greater productivity among your employees—even if your only employee is you.

Davinci Virtual Office Customers Say 'Thanks'

As we close out this year, let's take one last look at some of the feedback we’ve received from our satisfied virtual office clients. After all, a testimony speaks 1,000 words.

“As an attorney with a focus in international business, the majority of my clients are out of state and out of the country. Davinci's virtual office allows me to service these clients from anywhere in the world, while maintaining a presence in Utah," says Michael L. Labertew, Labertew & Associates. "Their staff's professionalism, as well as their A-plus prime office facilities and locations allow me the flexibility I need without sacrificing quality.”

Steve Pang of Steve Pang Acupuncture calls Davinci Virtual Office Solutions one of the best investments that a small business owner can make. He uses Davinci's virtual receptionist services.

"While I'm providing care to my patients, Davinci makes it possible for callers to receive the service they expect immediately," Pang says. "I would recommend Davinci to anyone facing the demands of a growing business in any industry where service is a priority."

For Bruce Fryer, president of Digisense, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get things done—but his overriding priority is having good customer contact. He says Davinci Virtual Office Solutions helps tremendously.

"The two tools we use most are conference calling and voicemail to e-mail. With the conference system we can set up a call in an instant and invite as many people as we need right then," Fryer says. "Because business does not follow a set schedule.  The voicemail  to e-mail feature ensures 24x7 coverage of any inbound calls. Like most start up companies, we never sleep. And responding to a customer inquiry at 11 at night is now possible from the comfort of a hotel room."

Citi Relies on Virtual Offices as Part of Alternative Workplace Strategy

When you want to see a company that’s executing an alternative workplace strategy, check out Citi. The banking giant offers an Alternative Workplace Strategies program and a Flexible Workplace Strategies program.

Let’s start with the Flexible Workplace Strategies program because one builds on the other. Implemented in 2005, Citi’s Flexible Workplace Strategies program empowers employees and managers to consider different ways on how, where and when work can be accomplished. The program has been so successful, in fact, that it’s been translated into 16 languages. The program includes flextime, remote work, compressed workweek, job sharing between two employees, part-time or reduced schedule and leave of absence.

The Alternative Workplace Strategies program continues from there to help maximize the use of the banking behemoth’s workspace and reduce its carbon footprint. Here’s how it works: Citi managers, in collaboration with City Realty Services, assess current work styles and environments and offer a range of alternative workplace solutions.

Those solutions include conventional office, shared/hybrid workspace, hoteling, satellite office and telecommuting and virtual offices. Citi’s Alternative Workplace Strategies program offers employees flexibility, reduced community times, better work-life balance and the opportunity for greater collaboration with colleagues who share workspace.

It’s worthy to note that virtual office space is a key to Citi’s Alternative Workplace Strategies program success. Virtual offices are part and parcel of alternative workplace strategies at many companies. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can partner with companies large and small to develop and execute alternative workplace strategies that include virtual offices, virtual receptionists and other virtual communications and technologies.

Virtual Office Users Escape New York Blizzard

Thousands of travelers are snowed in during a Northeast blizzard that has dumped more than two feet of snow on New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and other states in the region.

Flights have been grounded. Bus lines have stopped. So have trains and taxis. Even the subway system in Manhattan came to a halt at some points. With winds up to 80 mph, many are stuck at home for a white post-Christmas.

But business doesn’t have to come to a standstill for entrepreneurs, road warriors and companies that have employed virtual office technologies. Although face-to-face meetings are stymied, virtual office technologies like web conferencing can keep business moving along.

With a virtual office, you are practically immune to blizzards that hit cities like New York and Chicago. You can sit inside your home office with a hot cup of coffee, a laptop and virtual office technologies like instant messaging and web conferencing still accomplish plenty.

What about incoming calls to the office? The virtual receptionist has those covered. When you rely on a virtual receptionist for your inbound calls, a trained professional can answer the line in your company name and can reroute your calls to wherever you happen to be stuck, whether that’s Newark Liberty International Airport, a hotel room in Philadelphia or your home in Manhattan.

So if you are stuck right now checking your corporate voicemail every 15 minutes so you don’t miss a call, consider calling Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. It’s also quick and easy to get set up with a virtual assistant who can ease some of the stress of doing business in a blizzard. Davinci also offers web conferencing and other virtual office technologies that pave the way to clear skies for your company.