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Why Business is Booming at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions continues to cement its position as the leading provider of global virtual office solutions. In January 2011, the virtual office provider saw a 25 percent uptick in web traffic, lead generation and new customer acquisitions.

Yes, a 25 percent increase in virtual office customers—and this is just the beginning.

"We expect 2011 to be a banner year for our company—all indicators are great," says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. "Our new marketing campaigns are generating significant lead flow at good conversion rates. We also see increased uptake of virtual office solutions by several verticals.”

Any business would love to report those numbers! How did Davinci Virtual Office Solutions pull it off? Partly by being the strongest player in the virtual office industry. Davinci has a solid reputation in the virtual office industry. The natural progression was to move strong to get the word out.

You might remember that I wrote about Davinci Virtual’s move to advertise on Sirius XM satellite radio. Well, it worked. Add to that online marketing campaigns on Google, YouTube, Yahoo Search and Bing and Davinci was able to drive more awareness of its market-leading brand. Of course, this blog, our Facebook account and our Twitter presence also help prime the pump.

In case you aren’t familiar with the depth of Davinci Virtual, the company provides virtual office solutions to over 8,000 companies and entrepreneurs in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America, Asia and Australia. The company also offers over 750 virtual office locations including virtual offices in New York City, virtual offices in Los Angeles, virtual offices in Chicago, virtual offices in Las Vegas and any other metropolitan area throughout the world. Clients can even choose from live receptionist services, prime business addresses and flexible meeting spaces—instantly—online.

So what are you waiting for? You won’t find a deeper, more respected virtual office provider than Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. Check out a virtual office in your city today.

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Did You Spend Presidents Day in a D.C. Virtual Office?

Happy President’s Day. As I set out to celebrate this holiday—which essentially just means I’m working but it’s much more low-key since most people aren’t—I thought about U.S. history and the virtual office.

I know, I know. Strange thing to think about at some level. But I had the random thought about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. If they were alive today, what would they think about virtual office space? I reckon Washington and Lincoln would consider it rather innovative.

Then I thought about virtual offices in Washington, D.C. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers seven virtual office locations in Washington, D.C., including locations on Pennsylvania Avenue, G Street, I Street, 16th Street, 12th Street, and Connecticut Avenue.

Let’s take a closer look at Davinci’s virtual office space at Washington DC Office Center.

Washington DC Office Center is located at 1325 G Street NW. For as little as $95 a month you can boast a virtual office space in this location. You’ll get a prime business address, mail and package support, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, and more. You can also rent a conference room or day office space on demand.

With seven virtual office locations in Washington, D.C., Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the office space, virtual receptionists, virtual assistants and virtual office technologies to help you build a professional business image in Washington, D.C.


Sustainability Focus Drives Virtual Office Use

Sustainability. It’s a popular topic that underpins virtual office space and telecommuting. Now, Greener World Media is taking up the cause.

Greener World Media points to a study from George Washington University virtual think tank TechCast that found less than 4 percent of the U.S. private sector workers actually work from home. The group predicted that number could climb as high as 30 percent by 2019.

“What's behind this coming workplace revolution? Quite simply, ‘work’ no longer needs to be defined as a place you go,” writes Greener World Media’s Daniel Walsh. “We're witnessing the emergence of a next generation workforce that is always-on and hyper-connected via broadband, with a proliferation of connected devices and access to on-the-go Internet-based applications and cloud-based services that make working from anywhere possible.”

Indeed, work doesn’t have to be a place to go when you work from a virtual office. And that’s one reason why Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has over 759 global virtual office locations with access to conference rooms and business support services. Davinci Virtual sets the stage for you to work from just about anywhere any time.

For example, Davinci’s virtual offices in New York give you a prestigious business address. But if you are traveling to Los Angeles you can always rent a day office on demand from a Davinci Virtual location. You can also tap into a virtual assistant who can handle non-core tasks so you can spend more time on revenue-generating opportunities, or use one of our virtual receptionists to handle calls so you aren’t distracted.

Increasingly, companies of all sizes are turning to virtual office space to drive sustainability, both environmental and business-wide. With all studies pointing to the increased use of telecommuting, virtual offices and other alternative workplace strategies, companies who begin exploring these options now will be ahead of the competitive curve.

Win A Shiny New iPad from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Its’ the year of the tablet—and Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is giving one away. Even as Apple CEO Steve Jobs prepares to meet with President Obama, Davinci is preparing to put a smile on the face of another virtual office user.

"Apple's launch of the iPad has left an undeniable print  on the mobile  computing space. After a decade with minimal success, a tablet computing device is finally garnering mass-market appeal," says Shawn Dubravac, chief economist and director of research for the Consumer Electronics Association. "There are many factors driving this trend—not least of which is timing. The global appeal of Apple's iPad is simultaneously brazening others to enter the fold and compete for this quickly growing market."

The iPad is one of the hottest mobile devices gift for grown up and kids alike. Road warriors, mobile workers and others are snapping up the iPad in droves. And guess what? The second version of the iPad is scheduled to come out within months with all new bells and whistles—and a third version of the iPad may be available as soon as Christmas. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

If you didn’t win in the earlier rounds of Davinci Virtual’s iPad sweepstakes, don’t worry. Davinci Virtual is giving another lucky person the opportunity to win one of the tablet devices for free its next iPad sweepstakes. The company is giving away another iPad and the drawing is May 1, 21010. It doesn’t matter if you are in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston or somewhere else, you can enter to win with no strings attached.

Virtual offices and the iPad go hand in hand Both are revolutionary approaches to their sectors. The virtual office is clearly revolutionizing the way many entrepreneurs consume office space. And the iPad is revolutionizing tablet computing.

In case you haven’t had a proper introduction to the iPad, here is an introduction: iPad’s Multi-Touch interface makes surfing the Web an entirely new experience, dramatically more interactive and intimate than on a computer.

You can read and send e-mail on iPad’s large screen and almost full-size “soft” keyboard or import photos from a Mac, PC or digital camera, see them organized as albums, and enjoy and share them using iPad’s elegant slideshows. iPad makes it easy to watch movies, TV shows and YouTube, all in HD, or flip through the pages of an ebook you downloaded from Apple’s new iBookstore while listening to your music collection.

Normally, the iPad costs $499 for the entry-level model. Davinci Virtual is giving you a chance to get your hands on one for free. There’s no catch. You don’t have to be a virtual office customer to win the iPad, but current virtual office customers are eligible to enter. So click here to enter to win an iPad from Davinci Virtual. Click here to enter the sweepstakes.

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Financial Planners Increasingly Use Virtual Office Space

About 20 percent of financial planning firms with between one and five employees offer telecommuting. And about 21 percent of financial planning firms with six to 30 employees and 27 percent of firms with 31 or more employees offer this alternative workplace strategy. So says the 2010-2011 Financial Planning Survey from the Financial Planning Association.

Those are points highlighted in an article in Financial Planning called, “The Perks of Telecommuting for Advisors.” The article by Donna Mitchell explores Parsippany, N.J.-based Summit Financial Resources, a wealth management firm that does not sit down face to face with prospective clients. The firm uses teleconferences instead.

“About 90 percent of its professionals are based in Parsippany, and it runs offices in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield County, Conn., and the firm manages about $3 billion in client assets,” Mitchell writes. The article goes on to say that Summit is not alone in its embrace of teleconferencing. Modern Wealth Management, with offices in Boston and New Jersey, is also on the teleconferencing bandwagon.

What does this signal? The telecommuting and teleconferencing trend is clearly gaining a head of steam in the financial planning industry. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual offices in cities like Parsippany and Boston and beyond. Let’s take a look.

Davinci’s virtual offices in Parsippany are located at 181 New Road. Also in the northeast, Davinci’s virtual offices in Boston are located at Ten Post Office Square. Davinci also has virtual office space in nearby Cambridge, Marlborough, and Woburn.

All of these virtual offices have something in common: You get a prime business address, mail package and receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, a client drop off and pick up point, and mail forwarding and shipping services. You can even rent a conference room or a day office on demand.

So whether you are in the financial planning industry or some other professional services industry, consider the value of telecommuting from a virtual  office. Then reach out to Davinci Virtual. We’ve got virtual offices in cites large and small around the world.

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