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Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Asks Three Simple Social Media Questions

Are you a fan of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions? We want to hear from you, and we’ve created a simple survey that we hope you’ll take a couple of quick minutes to answer.

You may or may not know that Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has a LinkedIn Group. It’s an open group—meaning it’s open for anyone to join—and it’s called “A Smarter Way to Work by Davinci Virtual.”

In our group, you’ll find all sorts of relevant discussions that could save you time and money. One of our most popular discussions, for example, asks the question: “If you could give a fellow entrepreneur 1 tip on how to be a successful leader, what would it be?”

We’ve also discussed concepts like telecommuting, the distributed workforce, video conferencing and collaboration tools, and other topics that are important to virtual office users and small business owners. Our LinkedIn Group even offers promotions, jobs, and a list of like-minded members that you might want to add to your network.

Although Davinci Virtual’s group is growing, we always want to stay true to the needs of our members and potential members. That’s why we developed the survey.

So what would you hope to gain through this LinkedIn Group? We’ve created a very short, three-question survey for members of A Smarter Way to Work by Davinci Virtual. We’ll use your feedback to help provide a great experience in our group. We appreciate your input!

Won't you take a moment to take the survey? Not a member of A Smarter Way to Work by Davinci Virtual? Join today. It’s open and free and we’d welcome your perspectives.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Congratulates Flexible Workplaces

Workplace flexibility isn’t just a trend—it’s a must in today’s world of work. That’s why it thrills us to see companies like American Journal Experts receiving the honor of the 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility.

American Journal Experts has been noticed for its use of flexibility as an effective workplace strategy to increase business and employee success. It’s a prestigious award, and one American Journal Experts rightly proud of.

As a recipient of the 2011 Sloan Award, American Journal Experts ranks in the top 20 percent of employers nationally in terms of its programs, policies and culture for creating an effective and flexible workplace.

"We are thrilled to receive this recognition for our workplace practices," says Alicia Parr, American Journal Experts HR Director. "Our company was founded on the idea that allowing employees to set their own schedules and work from home would increase productivity and create an engaged and inspired workforce."

Workplace flexibility—such as flextime, part-time work and compressed workweeks—has been demonstrated to help businesses remain competitive while also benefiting employees as well. Workplace flexibility is fueling alternative workplace strategies and the use of virtual office space.

"Our research consistently finds that employees in effective and flexible workplaces have greater engagement on the job and greater desire to stay with their organization,” says Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute, a research think tank on workforce and workplace trends that administers the awards. “In addition, they report lower stress levels and better overall health.”

Lower stress levels, better overall health and greater engagement from tools like virtual offices? The research proves it. Of course, we’re not surprised. We are seeing these sorts of results every day from clients who rent our virtual office space in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and beyond. Now, the world is just taking more notice of the value-added benefits of virtual office space.

Mesa Virtual Offices Help Entrepreneurs Access Phoenix Clients

MESA, ARIZ.-Did you know Mesa is one of the fastest-growing cities in America? The Maricopa County city is also the third-largest in Arizona and the 38th largest in the nation with a population of nearly 500,000. Mesa is located just 15 miles east of Phoenix. In fact, Mesa is considered part of the Greater Phoenix area.

Mesa promises a diverse and sustainable economy that features a balance of base industries that create high quality jobs, an educated workforce, a partnership of government and industry that considers next generation technologies and products as economic opportunities, and business people who see Mesa as their home and the world as their marketplace.

The key industries in Mesa are healthcare, education, aerospace/aviation, and tourism. So whether your company supports one of those industries, you are an entrepreneur with a bright idea that may serve them, or you operate a small business that caters to the growing demands of the Greater Phoenix area, consider how a virtual office could help you meet your business goals with greater professionalism and productivity.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual offices in Mesa for $95 a month. When you compare that to the cost of renting traditional office space—and when you consider all the features and benefits you get for that flat price—it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs in Mesa use virtual offices.

Located at 2266 Dobson Road, Davinci’s Mesa virtual offices assure you a prime business address. You also get mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter to welcome guests, and a secure client drop off and pick up point for important packages.

If you need physical office space for any reason—whether it’s a presentation, client meeting or just a place to get away from the home office—our Mesa virtual office space also offers conference rooms on demand for an average fee of about $30 an hour.

Check out this video on Mesa, just for fun:


Cutting-Edge Virtual Office Trends Include Mobile Workers

Are you up on the latest virtual office trends? Our very own Martin Senn, CEO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, offered his insights in Executive Suite Success magazine last month. I thought I’d share a few of this brilliant idea with you.

Seen starts off by pointing out that many entrepreneurs and employees today go through their 9 to 5 in a much different way than they did even a couple of years ago—and he points to cutting-edge mobile technologies and global Internet coverage as two key drivers. Senn calls it the mobile “always on” workstyle and says it empowers workers to be far more productive while enjoying a better lifestyle with more flexibility. (Virtual offices are all a part of this trend).

“This new way to work gives people the freedom to work from wherever they need to be—a big change from the traditional nine to five corporate office environment that most of us got to know so well over the past decades. I mean—Hello—who ho would not want to work from wherever they are at?” Senn asks. “Actually, more and more people are able to do so! Research indicates that the number of mobile workers will exceed 1 billion in 2011.”

While small business operators and a whole new generation of young entrepreneurs have embraced mobility in their work day quite some time ago, Senn says even the large Fortune 1000 companies are starting to rapidly implement alternative work strategies. Virtual offices are part of that mix. Senn predicts this combined development will create a great amount of opportunity for providers that are positioned and able to offer solutions that address certain needs or challenges of a typical mobile work day.

“Because mobile workers now have the ability to work almost anywhere, most of them choose not to own or to lease permanent office space and/or business infrastructure on a long term basis anymore,” Seen says. “While they gain a lot of flexibility and significant economies of scale this way, they also lose some of the more traditional benefits of a corporate support environment. And this is exactly where the opportunities for business center operators and virtual office solutions providers are being created.”

It’s not just Senn’s opinion, either. He points to new research that shows that over 50 percent of mobile workers are working with teams at organizations in other locations and almost one third of their day is being spent collaborating with each other. As a result,  he says, the communications market is exploding with many new Internet based collaboration technologies. Frequently though, he notes, mobile workers will choose to conduct in-person meetings or high-end video conference sessions to be more productive over longer periods of time. So there is still a growing need for physical meeting space even in conjunction with virtual office space.

“In 2006, the global meeting space rental market size was assessed at over 25 billion dollars per year. Last year, a collaborative project conducted for an OBCAI meeting room webinar estimated that OBC’s capture less than one percent of that market,” Senn says. “At many business centers, the meeting space financial model turns break even at best and it is frequently is looked at as cost center. In order to better capitalize on this growing revenue opportunity, OBCs should try to address the specific needs and requirements of today’s retail meeting space customers.”

Gilbert Virtual Offices Help Entrepreneurs Tap Diverse Industry Base

GILBERT, ARIZONA- Gilbert is a young, affluent community in central Arizona—and the city has seen major growth in the last 20 years.

Although major retailers are among the largest employers in Gilbert, the city is also home to a strong Information industry, as well as financial services, professional and business services, education and health services, and leisure and hospitality.

Forbes magazine has recognized Gilbert as one of the "Top 10 Suburbs in the Nation for Retirees," a title that supports the Town’s goal to provide the highest quality services for the best value for every demographic.

“This is another important designation that highlights our ongoing efforts to serve every member of our community,” says Mayor John Lewis. “While our average age may be in the early 30s, our community focuses on maintaining a quality of life that benefits all ages.”

So whether you are retired and looking to start your own entrepreneurial venture or you are just starting your career and want to bootstrap your new company, Gilbert virtual offices can play a role in helping you serve local business and industry.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office space in Gilbert at the Gilbert Office Center. Located at 1166 E. Warner Road, the Gilbert Office Center offers virtual office space from $95 a month.

When you rent virtual office space in Gilbert from Davinci Virtual, you’ll get one of the best business addresses in the Arizona city. You’ll also get a host of support services, such as mail and package receipt, a business center, a lobby greeter, and a client drop off and pick up point.

You can also pay a nominal fee to have your mail forwarded or shipped to you if you can’t visit the Gilbert virtual office in person. Or, if you need a place to hold a professional meeting or you need a day office, you can rent a conference room or a temporary office space on demand for an affordable hourly rate.

Check out this YouTube video on Gilbert: