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Virtual Offices Drive Flexible Workplaces, Happy Employees

Fast Company has a good article this week about ways to motivate employees with workplace flexibility. It’s part of the “The Flex and the C-Suite” series.

This installment looks at Mom Corps. Fast Company expert blogger Cali Williams Yost talked with Alison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps, a full-service staffing services company. Mom Corps strives for flexibility—and not just for its own employees but also for its clients.

“Organizations that employ a healthy and robust work/life flexibility environment—not one just on paper—will win the talent war. And moving forward, all of our challenges and opportunities hinge at least at some level on the ability to attract and retain the best talent,” O’Kelly told Fast Company. “In terms of company profitability and employee satisfaction, there really is a silver bullet, and that is alternative staffing.”

O’Kelly offered several tips on how to employ a flexible work culture:

  • Ask employees their opinion

  • Define regular office hours for both in office and off-site

  • Review compensation models

  • Promote flexible work programs externally and internally

You can read the rest of the Fast Company article here. But before you do, consider one more tip from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions: you can motivate employees with workplace flexibility to offering virtual office solutions.

With a virtual office, your employees can work from home, at least on some days and definitely during weather incidents. Virtual offices help drive productivity, so long as policies and procedures are in place to ensure that employees are working during work hours.

Virtual offices can also empower workshifting by helping employees connect from home in between physician appointments, childcare issues, and other events that cause employees to have to get temporarily creative with scheduling. The bottom line: virtual offices are part and parcel of modern alternative workplace strategies.

Century City Virtual Offices Put You Near the Stars

CENTURY CITY, CA-Want to grow? Connect? Work? Century City, California is the place for you.

The Century City Chamber of Commerce describes Century City as a prominent business community comprised of major industry sectors: legal, financial, entertainment, hospitality, medical, professional services and retail.

Of course, Century City is not its own city. It is neighborhood of Los Angeles that is bounded by Westwood on the west, Rancho Park, Beverlywood and Cheviot Hills on the south, and Beverly Hills to the east and north. But Century City has a life of its own.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual office space in Century City—actually, we have two within just a few blocks from one another. Our virtual offices are located in Century City Business Center and Century City Plaza. Virtual offices at both Century City locations start at just $125 a month.

Located at 1999 Avenue of the Stars, Century City Business Center is located in an impressive all-glass skyscraper. Century City Plaza is located right down the street at 1901 Avenue of the stars. This is also a modern office tower. Both virtual office locations put you close to Beverly Hills and Westside.

At either Century City virtual office location, you’ve got a prime business address. You can also benefit from services like access to a business support center. You can leave packages there for clients to pick up or have clients drop off packages for you there. A lobby greeter will greet them.

What’s more, these virtual office locations offer conference room rental on demand. You can rent conference rooms at these virtual office locations for $25 to $50 an hour. You can also rent day office space for $10 to $35 an hour. So if you want to set up shop with a Century City address and all the amenities that come with it, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can have you up and running within days.

Check out this video on Century City:


What Makes a Virtual Office Work, You Ask?

NEW YORK-What makes a virtual office work? That’s what Time magazine’s Robb Mandelbaum asked in a recent article.

In the article, he points out that it took 30 years for the virtual office concept to gain respectability. Today, he notes, there’s a whole host of web-based communications and project sharing tools that help business owners streamline the practical side of managing a virtual operation.

No, technology is no longer the challenge of running a virtual company. Managing the virtual workforce is the larger issue—and that often means choosing the right communications technology for the right purpose, he says.

We all know that e-mail and instant messaging is efficient. A phone call is warranted when you really need to hash things out. A web conference lets you share documents and video calls let you measure facial expressions. But sometimes you just have to sit around the long conference table—or at least across the table from someone—to have a discussion.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has all that covered. Davinci Virtual offers a turnkey virtual communications system that meets the needs of your virtual company, from virtual offices to telephone and fax numbers to digital voicemail and electronic fax to unified messaging and the list goes on.

Davinci has partnered with Cisco to offer our customers special prices on WebEx so you can do video conference calls and hold collaborative meetings. We even have a platform to reserve meeting rooms online in dozens of cities around the world, in case you need to meet in person.

So what makes a virtual office work? Well, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can’t warrant your management style, but we can certainly provide the virtual office technologies—and the physical meeting rooms—that set the stage for a strong corporate culture.

Fox News Talks Up Virtual Office Space, Meeting Rooms

Virtual offices are getting more high-profile media attention this week.

This time Fox News’ own Donna Fucaldo dives into the world of on demand offices, conference rooms and virtual office space in an article entitled, “No More Coffee House Meetings.” If you’ve ever been relegated to a business meeting in a coffee shop, you identify with this headline oh so well.

In her article, Fucaldo rightly contends that small business owners who work out of their homes no longer need to rely on Starbucks to hold meetings. That, she writes, is because on demand offices and conference rooms are rising up to fill the space needs of today’s business owners.

“While conducting meetings at the local coffee shop has its perks, free coffee, WiFi, it could potentially send the wrong message to potential clients and investors,” Fucaldo writes. “Using a virtual office also gives a small business an address they can use on their business cards.”

Fucaldo also acknowledges the fact that virtual offices have been around for a while, but quickly follows up that thought with another one: the virtual office trend has been growing in popularity in recent years. Part of that is the down economy, but part of that is the realization that commercial real estate is not always necessary. Alternative workplace strategies

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is on the cutting edge of the virtual office trend, as well as meeting rooms and conference rooms. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is the industry leader in key virtual turnkey communications and offers virtual offices, day offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms around the world.

Our DavinciMeetingRooms.com offers an online reservation platform that makes finding and booking a meeting room fast and easy. DavinciMeetingRooms.com offers more than 600 meeting room locations around the world.

Carlsbad Virtual Office Space Offers San Diego Access

CARLSBAD, CA-Carlsbad wants entrepreneurs like you to set up shop in its beachside community—and the California town has plenty of benefits for virtual office users.

First, Carlsbad offers a strategic location. Carlsbad is located between two major freeways and has both a north-south link to Coaster and east-west link to Sprinter commuter rail systems. Carlsbad is also close to three major international airports. The San Diego International Airport is 30 miles away. The John Wayne International Airport in Santa Ana is within 50 miles. And the Los Angeles International Airport is 90 miles from Carlsbad.

Carlsbad offers existing and built-to-suit office space, but the most cost-effective means of establishing a business presence is via a virtual office. Whether you are a newly minted business in Carlsbad looking for a way to set up your image with professionalism or a company from outside Carlsbad looking for a strategic way to enter the market with low overhead, virtual offices are a strong solution.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office space in Carlsbad. The Carlsbad Office Center is located at 21173 Salk Avenue in Carlsbad. This is a modern building complete with mirrored glass that is sure to give your clients a good first impression.

Our Carlsbad virtual office space starts at just $95 a month and offers you a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter to welcome guests for meetings or receive or hand off packages to clients.

If you need to rent a conference room for a big presentation or a small meeting, our Carlsbad virtual offices make meeting rooms available for $25 to $40 an hour. You can also rent day office space for between $10 and $35 an hour on demand. So what are you waiting for? Carlsbad would welcome you to its community, and so would Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Check out this video on Carlsbad: