What Is a Virtual Office and Answers to Other Virtual Office Space Questions

Good news – small business owners can better compete with larger companies with through virtual office space services.

What is a virtual office space? It’s a convenient, cost effective way to have the benefits of leasing or owning a professional, fully equipped office space without the ongoing cost.  Virtual office spaces allow entrepreneurs to have a professional business address to use for their website and business cards in addition to several other valuable services, including:

Mail receipt: Mail sent to a virtual office location can be picked up or forwarded to wherever needed.

Conference room and office access: Access to over 3,000 furnished conference rooms and day offices around the world complete with all of the latest technology and office services one might need to keep a meeting running smoothly. Spaces are available through by-hour or by-day reservations.

Lobby greeter: An onsite, lobby greeter will be present at a chosen virtual office space location to greet and assist any walk-in clients.

Lobby directory listing: A business name can be added to the lobby directory at a virtual office space location.

Still have questions about virtual office space offerings? See some commonly asked questions and answers below or call us at (888) 863-3423.

Where are virtual office spaces located?

Davinci conference rooms and office spaces are located in well-known buildings in most major cities in the United States and abroad. Utilize the Davinci booking engine to search locations and availability in over 950 places across the globe.

Can a virtual office space address be used for licensing?

After having signed up for a Davinci virtual office space, business owners may use the address for a business license. Most of our clients don’t have a problem getting their licensing with our address. In many of our office locations, we can even hang the license onsite. To confirm if the business center you’re interested in choosing will allow a license to be hung, call (888) 863-3423.

Is conference room rental time included in a virtual office space package?

Davinci virtual office space packages offer pre-pay conference room time available for some of our locations. For more information regarding exactly how much time and where the locations can be used, contact your sales representative as packages may vary.

How much office time can be reserved per month?

Because some virtual office space packages include office time, be sure to contact a sales representative at (888) 863-3423 to learn the locations where Davinci credit can be used. There is not a limit to the amount of time that can be reserved beyond included office space credit. If it is available, members are welcome to reserve it by the hour or by the day.

What are the prices for additional virtual office location services?

For services such as mail forwarding, copying, and conference room or day office use, there are additional costs. The costs vary depending on the location and the package purchased. Please contact us for the exact costs for additional location services at a virtual office space – (888) 863-3423.

What are the location services features in a virtual office space package?

Some of the main features include, but are not limited to:

  • A professional business address
  • Mail and package receipt, which for most locations includes a locking mailbox onsite
  • Mail forwarding (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • The freedom to use a professional business address in directories, on website, or business cards, etc.
  • A local drop-off and pick-up point for your clients
  • Lobby and directory listings (most locations charge $25/month for this feature)
  • Access to office space and fully-furnished conference rooms (reserved hourly)
  • Access to cyber café’s with wireless Internet, coffee/tea bar, etc. (where available)

Are virtual receptionist services included in a virtual office space package?

Unfortunately, virtual receptionist services are not included in a virtual office space package. Often our virtual office space clients choose to also sign up for virtual receptionist services. These solutions help relieve stress on small business owners by providing phone answering services, call forwarding, and a resource to help with a wide range of secretarial services.

What is the price for virtual receptionist services?

The Davinci base rate for receptionist services is all-inclusive—unlike many of our competitors. Tasks that are included in this base rate price are: long distance and toll free minutes, call patching, faxing, conference calling, voicemail management, meeting scheduling, order processing, outbound sales or customer service calls, and more! Costs that extend beyond your initial base rate are applied based on call volume.

What are the main features for virtual receptionist services?

  • Live, U.S.-based professionals answering incoming calls
  • Call forwarding with caller ID
  • Call announcing/screening
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Order processing and other customer service capabilities
  • Caller tracking and information logging
  • Voicemail management including voicemail to email transcription
  • A complimentary conference call platform for you to use at any time
  • eFax (fax to email)

Can a Davinci virtual office space address be used for incorporation purposes?

Yes. Business owners may register their business with our address. Some of our locations even offer a resident or registered agent at the location for an additional cost.

Contact us to better compete with larger companies with through virtual office space services at DavinciVirtual.com today.


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