3 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Help Benefit Your At-Home Salon

Running an at-home salon can be very challenging. Whether you are doing it all by yourself or you have a small team of people, the fact is that there are plenty of things to take care of to keep things running smoothly. 

Your main priority are of course your clients, most with very hands-on processes like coloring, cutting, and blow drying hair. But this is probably far from your only focus in your at-home salon. You still need to answer the phone, schedule appointments, buying supplies, etc. 

And in a business where customer service can be the difference between keeping a customer and losing them forever, it's a good idea to make sure that all your attention is focused on making your clients happy with their experience. 

A virtual receptionist can help you eliminate all the noise and enable you to completely focus on your art. 

Here are 3 ways a virtual receptionist can benefit your at-home salon:

1. A virtual receptionist will help ensure that all your incoming calls are answered in a professional manner. This means not having any more missed calls, which for a salon translates directly to missed clients and missed revenue. 

2. Hiring a virtual receptionist service also means that your schedule will always be kept nice and orderly. There is nothing worse than going to the salon and finding out that your appointment wasn’t noted or having to wait because the person in charge of scheduling isn’t doing a great job. Another common occurrence is people trying to reschedule or cancel an appointment and this not being reflected in the general schedule, which means somebody is wasting their time. With a virtual receptionist you get a professional who is able to manage your schedule directly, so your time is managed smoothly.

3. A virtual receptionist is also able to call clients to confirm appointments. This puts an end to those surprise cancellations where people just don’t show up and make you waste time. 

Your time is your most precious resource, and you should be spending it doing the thing you do best, which is taking care of your customers and helping them have a great experience at your salon. A virtual receptionist helps you focus on your clients instead of your telephone. 


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