Virtual Services put Startups on the Fast Track to Growth

Time and money are the two biggest challenges that startups face. A small team has to divide among its members the core activities like software development, hardware procurement and raising funds, in addition to the myriad tasks involving administration, online and offline marketing, etc. While only 40% of startups are  profitable, the remaining 60% are yet to prove themselves to the world.  In this scenario, time saved even as little as even 15 minutes can help increase their productivity. The startups of today enjoy an advantage over their 20th century counterparts in the form of virtual services. Many of the essential, but time-consuming tasks can be delegated to the virtual assistants (VA).  From maintaining your mail communications to scheduling travels, from catering to customer needs to social media marketing, there is virtually nothing that a virtual assistant does not do.

The Booming Virtual Services Market

The productivity of virtual workers is higher than those who travel and work in offices, as they work from the location of their choice, use their own devices, and fix their own working hours. This makes them the best choice to work on tasks that are otherwise cast to the back burner for want of time. Startups can protect themselves from security threats while availing the services of virtual assistants by setting up Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Most of the countries today permit VPNs to securely exchange data, along with regulations to use them. The cost of virtual services start from as low as $50 a week, giving startups the luxury of buying more time with money.

The Most Cost Efficient Service

Startups are always in need of more funds for expansion. Office spaces, utility bills and licensed products gobble up a huge chunk of their investment. Virtual services like co-working spaces, teleconferencing and virtual offices have brought down overhead costs of small businesses close to nothing. Unlike permanent employees, VAs are paid by the hour for the work done. Employing VAs offer the benefit of reduced operational costs. As most of them are freelancers, employers have reduced or zero tax liability. Additional perks and training to the VAs are not the mandatory requirements from an employer. Effectively, their per hour pay works out to almost 1/5th of that of a full-time employee. Hence, virtual services enable startups to utilize their funds for their intended purpose - to increase revenue.

Take Back Your Working Freedom

By letting a VA step into your shoes and share your burden of mundane tasks, you gain the freedom to focus on your business. As a startup founder, your most important commitment is to your existing customers, and your most important duty is to attract more clients. A VA can ensure both a 24/7 customer service and consistent online presence, which are vital for the success of a startup.

Imagine not being bothered by the thoughts of whether your website will use red or purple background, the best topic to put on the blog, missing an important mentor/client mail, sending meeting minutes to the attendees, and many more such tasks that rob you of your creativity. At the same time, imagine all these tasks being performed to perfection a with near zero involvement from you. That is Virtual Assistants to the rescue for you.



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