How Can a Virtual Receptionist Help a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing agencies work at a fast pace. They're worried about algorithms, ad revenue, driving traffic, SEO, PPC, marketing, advertising, web design and more. They often don't have capacity to deal with incoming inquiries, client support and making appointments. But for many, hiring a full-time administrator is out of reach. This is where a virtual receptionist comes in.

This type of role can either support an existing in-house receptionist or become a vital part of your team, at a lower cost than hiring an employee. Virtual receptionist services provide the same support and expertise of a professional administrator, and yet only work when you need them.

Aside from answering phones, here are just a few of the services you can outsource with a virtual receptionist:

● Call forwarding and screening

● Address inquiries and collect information

● Answer questions

● Schedule appointments

● Manage live chat

● Make outbound calls

There are many more ways this type of service can help agencies. Smith.ai provides a helpful list of ideas and Business.com offers additional information about how virtual receptionists work.

Aside from cost savings, there are many other benefits a virtual receptionist can provide to a small business or start-up.

How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help a Digital Marketing Agency

Most agency owners are stretched thin between client work, prospecting and all the other elements of running a business. Outsourcing tasks becomes key to staying focused on what they can do that no one else can. Here are a few ways virtual receptionists can support busy business owners.

Channel Consistency

Your virtual receptionist can handle tasks such as phone, email and website chat support giving you the benefit of a consistent voice across all platforms. Messages won't wait days to receive a response or go unnoticed in an overflowing inbox, and inquiries will be handled with professionalism and timeliness, which will result in more customers and higher client satisfaction.

No Training

When you work with a professional service, they handle vetting and training their employees and ensure you're receiving the right person for your needs. Not having to worry about advertising a position, conducting interviews or spending time training a new hire allows you to focus on your high-level tasks. This ultimately comes back to benefit your company financially. When you work with a virtual receptionist company, you also don't have to worry about turnover. If your receptionist quits, the company will find a suitable replacement without adding any stress to your life.

Language Options

One of the biggest benefits of working with a service is the access to people who speak multiple languages and can offer additional support for your company. While some digital marketing agencies may not feel the need for a bilingual receptionist, having this option could open additional business opportunities or help in communicating complicated information.

They're a Human Being

Don't take this point for granted! There are many options for incorporating AI into your business, such as a chat bot, an answering machine or an interactive voice response system, but there's still nothing better than connecting with a real person to build relationships, strengthen connections and identify potential issues before they become problems.

A virtual or live receptionist does so much more than answer phones. They can provide a variety of vital services that allows your business to stay lean, while offering a professional and consistent customer-service experience to clients and prospects.

If you could use some administrative support but don't require a full-time receptionist, using a live receptionist service could be the perfect addition to your business. They work when you need them, can offer after-hours and weekend coverage, add an important personal touch and represent your company, your way. If you haven't considered this type of outsourcing before, what are you waiting for?


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