Virtual Offices, Global Ambitions

Dr. Amro El Sisi has traveled the globe, studying science and business in countries around the world. He earned his doctorate degree from a university based in Kuala Lumpur, and his master’s degree from an academy in Giza, Egypt.

From his new location in New York City, Dr. El Sisi delivers technology and lab equipment to developing countries in the Middle East and beyond.

From NYC to the Persian Gulf

Dr. El Sisi’s growing business, GCM Gulf, has been using a Davinci virtual office in New York City since February. His aggressive expansion plans depend on using virtual offices around the world.

“We will have many virtual offices – it’s how the business grows,” he said, speaking over a garbled cell phone connection, on location in Riyadh.

Expansion in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates is underway, he added.

“When we start business in another country, we prefer to spend on a virtual office. One by one, as the business is growing, the services will need to be more.” 

The GCM Gulf Opportunity

Dr. El Sisi and his partners have worked in Saudi Arabia for 15 years. In 2014, they formed GCM Gulf (Global Clear Mission, Co.) and committed to an ambitious expansion plan.

The company is poised to profit from growth in rapidly developing countries throughout the Middle East, and it has formed partnerships to provide equipment that had been unavailable in the region.

Already, GCM Gulf has clients in industries including:

• Construction

• Environmental consultation

• Manufacturing

• Electricity generation

• Water Distribution

• Pharmaceutical Testing

• And more

In fact, GCM even counts the Saudi Health Council and ArRiyadh New Mobility, the developers of the Riyadh Metro Rail Project, among its clientele.

The company’s highly diversified product line includes equipment for testing air quality, food and pharmaceuticals, and water quality. In addition, it offers certified contractors for used oil waste, medical waste, organic waste and hazardous waste.

So, why choose Davinci Virtual?

Dr. El Sisi found Davinci Virtual in an online search in February of this year, and he’s never looked back. 

“The staff is very helpful, and very quick at replying,” he said. “I am happy with the service from Davinci for sure.”

As he works with more and more countries around the world, Dr. El Sisi won’t hesitate to recommend Davinci.

“I would tell them that if you’re looking for a virtual office that’s a good service and at a reasonable price,” he said, “you should go to Davinci Virtual.”


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