5 Ways Virtual Office Spaces Improve Remote Jobs

Defined in terms of both full-time and hybrid workers, those performing remote continues to skyrocket—115 percent over the past decade. Businesses that remain tethered to the concept of work from a fixed workspace are rowing against the tide and place themselves at a competitive advantage. Much research has been conducted on the topic—by academics, industry experts, and businesses—and findings show that remote workers are more productive, less stressed, more engaged, and happier than workers who go to a permanent office location and sit in an assigned workspace from 9 to 5 every day. 

Remote Work, Virtual Office Spaces Boom

Some workforce pundits predict that half of the workforce will work remotely—at least some of the time—by next year. At the same time and not surprisingly, virtual office space—coworking, day offices, and meeting/conference rooms—is booming. It now represents 5 percent of total office space, and it is predicted to garner 30 percent by 2030. A key constituency of virtual office space are remote workers. There are a number of ways in which remote workers rely on virtual office spaces to improve their productivity, facilitate collaboration, and foster engagement. Following are five prevalent use cases:

1. Professional Loneliness and Engagement.

For workers who spend a lot of time working from their home offices, virtual office spaces offer them a chance to engage with other professionals. This reduces loneliness by offering them a means for networking with other likeminded professionals. 

2. Professional Addresses.

The old real-estate adage, “location, location, location,” also applies when it comes to business addresses. Virtual office spaces—through virtual office addresses—solve this problem for entrepreneurs who cannot afford to rent expensive office space that garners respect and makes a great impression with prospects, clients, and partners.

3. Meeting Rooms.

When remote workers have internal or external meetings, virtual office spaces offer them professional meeting rooms that can be selected based on meeting requirements (size, presentation tools, etc.). Lobby greeters ensure attendees have a great experience, answering questions about parking, room reservations and location, availability of office supplies, and other business-related issues. Plus, catered food and beverages, which can be procured through virtual office spaces, enable meeting attendees to focus on collaborating and solving problems rather than worrying about when to break for lunch and where to eat.

4. Focused Work.

Home offices may not always be conducive for work. Home construction, spouses who also work from home, and noisy children are just some of the reasons. When these disruptions occur, remote workers may need to find an alternative location from which to work for the afternoon, day, or week. In lieu of the home office, virtual office spaces—day offices are probably the best fit here—offer a quiet setting for the business professional.

5. Administrative Support.

Remote workers may not require administrative support all of the time, but sometimes it is critical. Whether working on a critical time-sensitive project or hosting clients or prospects, administrative support that comes with a virtual office space can be a lifesaver for a remote worker. Administrative support means different things, and it is important for remote workers to vet their virtual office space provider to ensure that the accompanying administrative support meets their business objectives—from faxing, to filing, to notary services. 

Virtual Offices Spaces Bolster Remote Work

It is an exciting time to be a remote worker—whether an entrepreneur or a professional working for a large corporation. Remote workers, on a whole, lead healthier and happier lives than their counterparts who are stuck in a fixed workspace 9 to 5. They also deliver better results and are more loyal (viz., have better retention rates). Virtual office spaces are an important tool in their toolbox that bolsters their effectiveness.


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