How to get a Virtual Mailing Address for Your Business in 48 Hours

Nearly 5 million people consider themselves digital nomads, according to a study by MBO Partners, with some 17 million people aspiring to a technology-enabled location-independent lifestyle.  

Additionally, nearly 40% of remote workers are employed by global companies as part of a partial or fully distributed workforce. 

With the rise of the “anywhere” worker comes a need for infrastructure to support workers without a home base. Enter the sharing economy and the “use-what-you -need model.” 

What is a Virtual Mailing Address for Businesses?

A Virtual Mailing Address is a service that allows you to receive mail at a specific, remote location without physically residing or working there. It functions as a mailing address that you can use for personal or business purposes. The concept goes beyond the traditional PO Box offered by the USPS, which was essentially the first iteration of a virtual mailing address.

The key distinction of a virtual mailing address is that it provides a physical street address, often in a prestigious location or a business center, which can be more professional and versatile than a standard PO Box. This address is managed by a third party, certified to handle and store your mail.

A virtual address provides the ultimate in flexibility for an anywhere worker, eliminating the fixed costs a physical office requires, while providing virtually all of the benefits, for a modest expense. 

At Davinci Virtual, a leading provider of virtual addresses, prices start at $50 a month. 

Benefits of a Virtual Mailing Address

Davinci serves some 40,000 entrepreneurs and businesses who opt for a virtual office for a number of reasons: 

• To leverage a prestige business address to create a strong first impression 

• To extend geographical reach into a new city or region before committing to larger office space 

• To provide employees flexibility, including shorter commutes and professional alternatives to home offices 

• To provide a low risk setting for entrepreneurs and startups, whether it is a single location or multiple offices around the world, within a setting that implies deep talent and large-scale resources 

Virtual offices also provide a desirable address that lends instant credibility for needs such as: 

• Business licensing or registration 

• Website, search engines and directory listings 

• Business cards and advertising materials  

In today’s fast-paced business world, formalizing a virtual office needs to be swift, simple and seamless. 

3 Simple Steps to Get a Virtual Mailing Address

Davinci has streamlined the process so virtual mailing boxes are operational in just 48 hours and three steps. 

1. Sign up online or by phone (877 453 3430).

Choose your location or locations by browsing our vast inventory of over 1600 locations across the globe. If you have any questions, a phone call will connect you with a specialist who will be dedicated to find the perfect address for your business needs! 

2. Download and fill out Form PS 1583.

The application to Act as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CRMRA) form from the U.S. Post Office. (Don't worry, Davinci will send you a link so you can fill it out with ease online!)

The form needs to be signed and notarized, which Davinci expedites by providing a free online notary who processes the application via webcam, including identity verification and electronic signature, in about 15 minutes.  

Two forms of identification will be required. Acceptable identification includes:  

• Valid driver's license or state non-driver's identification card 

• Armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card 

• Passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization 

• Current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust 

• Voter or vehicle registration card; or a home or vehicle insurance policy 

Upon receipt of the signed CMRA form, Davinci forwards the information to the desired location and customer.  

3. Choose how you would like mail handled.

Mail Forwarding or Mail Pickup

Mail can be held for pickup or forwarded on a regular basis (daily/weekly/bi-weekly, etc.) to a designated address. In some locations, mail can be opened, scanned and forwarded via email, or printed and sent via regular mail for an additional fee. 

Your mailbox is set up! 

Get the Most Out of a Virtual Mailing Address

Once the mailbox is functional, customers have access to Davinci’s full range of benefits, which include: 

• Choice of location. More than 1,700 locations are available in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

• Access to 5,000 meeting spaces around the world that can be rented per hour starting at $5 per hour, as well as coworking and workspace where desks start at $10 per hour. 

• Lobby greeter, audio/video conferencing, business services, food and beverage and more. 


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