5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Affecting Your Productivity

According to freelancing platform Upwork, 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely this year. But with the new normal come challenges in productivity — how do you remain on top of your tasks without a supervisor? And how do you address the different hurdles when it comes to your own productivity? To start off, you would need to identify some of those factors. These are the ones you could be missing:


Being cooped up indoors for months at a time breeds loneliness. We are social beings, and to be kept apart takes a mental toll. Studies have shown that when employees feel lonely, they are less likely to feel motivated. Increased bouts of loneliness can even cause some to withdraw further. This can exacerbate poor workplace communication.

A simple solution would be to FaceTime your work buddies. Seeing a familiar face who can empathize with your work stories is a huge comfort. If you’re a freelancer, you can try co-working spaces that follow COVID-19 precautions. Being around other like-minded individuals could be the break and motivation you need. Mental health is a serious and valid part of your well-being that shouldn't be overlooked.

Bad Posture

Slouching may feel like a natural response to getting comfortable. But it is actually our muscles feeling fatigued. Obviously, when you’re tired, you’re less likely to be sharp, motivated, and productive. It has been estimated that because of bad posture, up to 7 billion USD is lost annually due to absenteeism and gaps in productivity.

Most in the workforce were not ready to work from home. But it’s as good a time as any to start investing in that setup. This post on ergonomic chairs points out how they are becoming some of the most popular home office additions. Look for one that can be adjusted by seat height, seat pan depth, back rest, armrest, and headrest. Personalizing these features can help improve your posture and, in turn, your work productivity.


For years, the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once was lauded. But recently, experts have found that multitasking is near-impossible and counterproductive. In truth, trying to multi-task can increase your daily work hours by up to 40%.

The longer work hours and seemingly endless deluge of tasks can be demotivating. It can also cause physical and mental exhaustion. Multitasking also makes it harder to take breathers. A non-stop approach to work will surely cause burnout.

Rather than working hard, try working smart. Employ a system like The Eisenhower Matrix or Pomodoro. These will help you tackle one task at a time, in a healthy pace.


It’s not called mood lighting for nothing. A well-lit workspace benefits you in two main ways. First, proper lighting can help avoid eye strain and migraines. This in turn, makes it easier for you to continue working comfortably. Second, lighting can help regulate our circadian rhythm. This is the natural and internal process of our sleep-wake cycle. It has been proven that a dose of sunlight can halt melatonin production.

If you’re feeling drowsy, hungry, or sad, try working near a window. This article states that natural light can boost your serotonin levels and cognitive performance. Many lamps nowadays offer multiple modes that even include faux-sunlight.


It can be difficult to concentrate on work when your surroundings are uncomfortable. Behavior can be affected by a space's temperature. This is why most public places are climate controlled. Colder temps can lower productivity by up to 50%. While high temperatures incur higher rates of absentees.

Aside from heating and cooling equipment, you can also install thermostats. This way, you can actively prepare for any temperature changes. Think cozy fires for winter, and major ventilation for summer.

Everyone is dealing with the challenges of remote work differently. Feeling stressed and discouraged are normal, but not unavoidable. Know that you can take charge of your productivity and get back on track.


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