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How Notification Apps Can Revolutionize Your Day

In the digital age, we don’t necessarily have to remember people’s phones numbers any more. We just use a voice assistant app to say, “Call Jim” and the number automatically dials. Or at the least we open up the contact list on our phone and select the name for a quick dial.

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8 Technology Areas That Help Keep Small Businesses Organized

Technology is an important enabler for businesses across the spectrum. This includes small businesses, and small business owners agree: four in 10 say they aren’t spending enough on technology.

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Using A Virtual Office to Help With New Business Goals

It’s a new year – the perfect time to draw the line and set some new goals and resolutions for the benchmarking of your progress and success. Truth be told, any time is the best time to embark on some productive measures and planning for your new successes. It’s just that the turning of the page of the New Year calendar offers a particularly poignant starting point. It then becomes a race to see if perseverance and fire will trump ‘goal’ apathy and procrastination. Good luck with that one!

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