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Need a Small Business Loan? Try Office Depot.

Headline after headline decries the challenge of small business owners seeking loans.

Only 56 percent of small businesses that tried to obtain a loan got all or most of what they needed, according to a recent edition of the Office Depot Small Business Index. However, America's small business community still remains intent on obtaining the finances needed to grow their business: 30 percent of small business owners say they are researching...

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Should Your Small Business Play the Credit Card Transfer Scheme?

You are probably going to start seeing slews of new credit card offers hit your mailbox in the coming weeks. That’s because the government just approved amendments to regulations that were passed last year. The new rules become official on Oct. 1.

All week, I’ve seen stories about credit card balance transfer schemes, reducing credit card interest rates, and credit cards as an alternative to bank loans. Capital One announced card balance...

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Virtual Office Systems Help Entrepreneurs Avoid Debt

Only half of small businesses that tried to borrow last year got all or most of what they needed, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business. That’s one reason why Sam’s Club is planning to make loans available to its small business customers.

Sam’s Club is launching a business loan pilot program that will make $5,000 to $25,000 loans available to qualifying members. The program also includes low-rate mercha...

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