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Remote Work Could Aid in Reawakening of Rural Communities

 As more businesses have transitioned to virtual offices and remote working, so has the shift of workers to the countryside. Rural communities have, in recent months, experienced an influx of people considering a move to a rural home- two-thirds of Americans, in fact, according to a SatelitteInternet.com survey. With rural communities experiencing a boom in residents enabled by remote working, these smaller towns are set to benefit in substantial- and unexpected- ways.

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How to Motivate Employees While Remote

So, what can you do to help make sure your organization’s productivity doesn’t suffer?

We have prepared some tips to help you ensure your workers remain motivated despite working remotely.

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How Increased Remote Work Changes Coworking Communication

No matter the product or focus, companies thrive on communication, and offices are designed to promote an optimal environment for both collaboration and focus. As these trends have changed over time, so has the office environment. We saw the rise of high-walled cubicles in response to a desire for focused work and separation, followed by the open floor plan style that is popular in modern offices, as the focus shifted to collaboration and community. Remote work, the newest format on the scene, is still finding its balance.

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How to Train Remote Employees During the Pandemic

These tips and tricks will be invaluable even after the pandemic comes to an end, as remote work is predicted to become a more popular option even after the pandemic is solidly behind us. 

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Pros and Cons of Working a Remote Job Internationally

In an unprecedented year shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies, workers, and contract workers around the globe are embracing remote work at breakneck speed, often out of necessity. 

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