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Ways to Connect with Your Customers and Grow your Customer Base

Customers are what keeps a business alive. A business with no customers is no longer a business. Simply maintaining your customer base is not enough; you need to expand your reach as well. 

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Making First Customer Contact a Success for Small Businesses

The old saying, “first impressions are often your only impression, so make it count,” is quite apropos. Research by Malcolm Gladwell finds that professional and personal impressions happen in a matter of seconds. Individuals connect with people and companies based on their initial perception and getting beyond that experience is nearly impossible once the connection is made. 

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Avoid the Mistake of Disjointed Customer Service Engagement

There is nothing more frustrating than repeating your account information or personal details during a customer service session with a company. Whether it is moving between service representatives on the phone or moving between channels (e.g., live web chat to phone), these experiences stick out like a sore thumb and are one of the top service irritants for customers.

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