Starting a Solo Law Firm? Here are 4 Ways to Look Professional

Law firms need to have a stellar reputation in order to be successful. Establishing that reputation can be a complex matter, this is especially so for solo law firms that are just starting out. After all, at the very start your potential clients don’t really have anything to go by other than what they can perceive about your law firm. They will be paying attention to everything from the space you meet your clients in, to your email address and beyond. 

So if you are planning on starting a solo law firm, here are 4 things to ensure that potential clients are always left with a great impression:

1. Have a professional website

It used to be true that just having any kind of internet presence was enough to make your business seem professional. That just won’t cut it anymore. Now you need a professional website, with professional pictures and if you want to go the extra mile you should definitely optimize it for search engines to rank you higher. 

2. Hire a receptionist

Having a business phone number is a great first step, but to really give your solo law firm the professional edge you will need to hire a receptionist. The most cost effective solution would be to hire a virtual receptionist, because you get a professional answering every call with your law firm’s name and a script you approve, while saving on overhead costs. 

3. Get a professional address

When people search for your law firm online, and they will most definitely do that before hiring your services, it is important that the address they find points to a respectable office building instead of your home. When starting out you might not want to be tied down with a long lease on an office you have no idea if it will work out, instead you might want to opt for a virtual office. These are usually located within well known buildings in the business district of most cities around the world. 

4. Use a proper meeting room

Meeting clients in a coffee house or at your home office is a terrible idea. You are dealing with sensitive information people would rather not speak about in a public setting where anyone can eavesdrop, and an intimate setting such as your home doesn’t really transmit the idea that you are a capable lawyer. What you need is access to a well equipped, professional meeting room. The good news is that even without an office you can book such a meeting room by the hour in a well known office building with all the necessary amenities such as high-speed internet and presentation equipment. 


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