Showing Remote Worker Appreciation: 7 Creative Ideas

Too often, companies fail to see how important their remote workers are, compared to their in-house staff. With remote workers working outside a traditional office setting, too often they are cast aside, receiving less attention than in-house employees. 

Let’s change that!

In this quick guide, we’ll show you 7 creative ways to show your remote workers your appreciation! 

1. Care Packages

“People love getting care packages from their employers,” says Jonathan Wesley, an HR Manager at UK Writings and Boomessays. “The good news is, care packages can be anything and everything that can make your remote workers smile. Whether you decide to give away company swag, gift cards, or other treats is up to you. No matter what you put into the care packages, be creative with the process.”

2. Internal Rewards Program

Employees love to receive rewards for their hard work – remote workers are no exception to this. That’s where you can create an internal rewards program. A rewards program allows for increased employee loyalty and engagement, along with presenting lucrative rewards for hard work. 

3. Games And Contests

People love to play games. Every so often, you can hold virtual games and contests, offering great prizes and badges. Games and contests can help create a sense of community among you and your remote workers.

4. Personalized Gifts

People appreciate personalized goodies, since everyone is unique in their own way. Once you get to know your remote workers – the things they like, the movies they watch, and so on – you can gift them with personalized gifts like: 

• Clothing

• Diaries and planners

• Coffee mugs

• Keychains, etc. 

5. Tech Packs

Technology is one of the hot topics circulating day-to-day life. So, why not gift your remote workers with useful tech stuff like: 

• USB drives

• USB cables

• Wireless mouse (Bluetooth or USB)

• Bluetooth headphones

• Bluetooth speakers, etc.

How about their own receptionist? You can offer their own receptionists in the following ways:

Live receptionists can be provided through resources like DaVinci, which has a variety of features for your company to incorporate on your website. With this option, remote workers can talk to a human whenever they have any questions or concerns about their work or company. OR,

• Consider providing your remote workers with auto receptionists to help answer their questions or concerns. This is especially ideal for the tech-savvy remote worker.  

6. Snack Packs

“Remote workers tend to get hungry during the day, when they work,” says Barbara Joyce, a recruiter at Academized and Oxessays. “Therefore, it’s great to send your remote workers a basket of goodies in the form of their favorite snacks. Also, be open to remote workers’ suggestions on what they would like in their snack packs. If you would like to treat your remote workers with healthy snack options, consider things like dry fruits, low-calorie munchies, and vegan snacks. You’ll be amazed to see how many snack ideas can spring up when you send your remote workers snacks to have during their work week.”

7. Useful Stuff For The Home Office

Remote workers can’t work without home office essentials and gifts. So, consider giving your remote workers the following for their home offices: 

• A table lamp

• Pendulum balls

• Some knick-knacks

• An hourglass

• A stress ball, etc.

Or, you can treat your remote worker to a virtual office. For the more ambitious remote worker hoping to start their own business someday, you can offer them a virtual office – courtesy of DaVinci – to help get their feet wet in the business world. A virtual office lets them create a business address, and lets them sell their services to interested parties. 

BONUS: Be There For Remote Workers

Finally, just being there for your remote workers is of the upmost importance. Whenever your remote workers have questions or concerns to share with you, they should be able to get a quick response no matter what time it is. 

Davinci has a live web chat system that you can set up, so that your remote workers can get the answers that they needed in the event that you’re unavailable to take questions or comments. You can place this live web chat feature on your company’s website. 


As you can see, there are a multitude of ways to show remote workers your appreciation. By following this simple guide, you’ll get some creative ideas on how to say “thank you” to your remote staff for their hard work! 


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