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Depending on who you are, outsourcing has been a bitter pill to swallow. I know I wouldn't appreciate it if my job was outsourced to India or China. But outsourcing can actually be a good thing - especially for an entrepreneur.

Virtual offices are becoming more common every day, as new start-ups and entrepreneurs begin what I like to call venture adventures. Every new business is like going on a new ride at an amusement park. You think you know about it just from watching from the sidelines - but when you get on board -- wooooah! You go through hoops that can just literally make your head spin.

Some people really dig that sense of freedom you get from the unknown. For me, a little of that goes a long way. I like to have fun, don't get me wrong. But I want to know I'll still be alive at the end of it. As long as I know that, I'm cool.

It used to be that the one thing start-ups and entrepreneurs lacked more than the big companies was certainty. But we know what happened to that theory.

It never made sense to me when large corporations insisted the only way they could stay in business was to outsource all those jobs that people in the country trained for so many years to do. It's more like they need to do it so they could buy that yacht or summer home. Nothing wrong with that, but as Judge Judy has said - Don't pee on my leg and then tell me it's raining.

When businesses use virtual offices, it helps them grow - and that's a really great thing. Start-ups can have complete office services provided virtually like live call answering and order taking. Seamless virtual forwarding and reception services save on costs and that is what allows them to grow. As you can see, outsourcing doesn't have to be bad to be good.

With virtual offices, new businesses can be more of an exciting thrill ride that actually pays off, rather than makes your stomach turn!


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