Industry Expert Interview with Martin Senn

There is much to be said about business leadership and the virtual office industry, and whether you own a small business, firm, or growing corporation, it is important to learn what makes a leader great. So, we interviewed Martin Senn, Co-founder and COO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, to gain better understanding of his entrepreneurial success and the passion for his work.

Senn entered the virtual office industry in 2005 with his business partner, Bill Grodnik. Bill had spent much of his careers as a serial entrepreneur in the Office Business Center industry, during which time he collected a huge amount knowledge. Martin had a long history of involvement with an array of companies in the call center and travel reservation market segments. Add Senn’s experience serving on the industry’s association Board of Directors, and you have a unique set of tools for their venture—and it is this professional background to which they owe much of their success.

Even now, Senn says that Davinci was the best business decision he ever made. He went on to say, “It is a very exciting time to be involved in our industry. Davinci was definitely an early innovator providing disruptive solutions to the workspace-as-a-service industry. We were able to create the market for turn-key virtual office solutions and continue to be the leader for it.”

Of course, they are still determined to further innovate the industry. According to Senn, if he could change one thing about the virtual office industry, he would “focus on educating our target markets on the services available.”

Davinci’s success as a company didn’t happen overnight. It required strong leadership from both Martin Senn and his partner. Senn says that to encourage creative thinking within their organization, “We are a very open door company and get continued input from all of our team members. Davinci employees know that they have a voice and know that they will be heard.”

Their mission, core values, and vision all play equally important roles, resulting in continued success and a unified and synergetic company culture. This continuous collaboration with their employees presents fresh ideas that help the organization grow and succeed. To ensure the company doesn’t stagnate, Senn explains, “We are not afraid to always try something new, even with the chance that it bombs.”

The success of any company is always an indication of great leadership. According to Senn, every great leader should exhibit passion for their work, lead by example, and live by it to ensure the organization and its activities all align with their core values—and he keeps this philosophy in mind as he leads Davinci and their employees farther along the path to success. As a business leader for Davinci, Senn has had to make important decisions like projecting growth and ensuring all pieces fall in place to support that growth. And as the company continues to expand, Martin learns and grows as a business leader, too. “You need to continue to be involved, learn, educate yourself and surround yourself with smart, young people,” he says.

Senn believes one mistake he witnesses other companies in the workspace-as-a-service industry making is that they fear change. But in an ever-evolving industry, it is crucial to embrace change, not only as a company, but also as a business leader. Success is passion, willingness to take risks, and team effort—and Senn would like to communicate that message: “We love what we do, and it keeps giving back.”


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