How To Brand Your Business In A Virtual Environment

In today’s business world, companies need a strong virtual presence if they want to stand out above their competition. The Internet has changed the way we interact, communicate and seek information. Even with a great looking website, if your business is ran out of a small office or out of your home, prospects might be turned off and be less likely to trust in your service or product. You can leverage virtual office services to better brand your business and project a professional image by keeping these five tips in mind.

1. Utilize a virtual office address

It’s a well-known fact that it’s important to establish your business in the right location. If you’re a small company or firm you probably can’t afford to be everywhere. Prime locations come with a high price tag. With a virtual office business address your company can have the look and feel of an established business, without the out of pocket expense of maintaining overhead costs and lease agreements. With over 950 business locations around the world, Davinci Virtual makes it easy to find the ideal office address to make a great first impression. Office address locations also offer mail receiving and forwarding, an onsite receptionist to greet your clients and prospects, lobby directory listings and many more services. Your professional address brings credibility to your business and lets you compete on a bigger scale.

2. Impress with virtual meeting rooms

The first impression can make all the difference when it comes to closing a business deal. Prospects are reluctant to trust anyone if they’re put off by the meeting environment. If you’re a small business owner, you likely keep a close eye on your budget, and might find it unnecessary to lease office space primarily to hold meetings. However, you don’t want to lose a sale or make prospects uncomfortable by meeting at random locations such as a noisy Starbucks or a home office. Luckily, virtual meeting rooms offer great alternative solutions with a variety of locations. With a virtual office space or meeting room, you get all the tools you need such as wireless Internet, audio/video conferencing, a lobby greeter and more. As well as all the amenities such as catering services, a space with the right atmosphere, and a wide variety of locations to choose from.

3. Create a corporate email

Your company’s email address is one of the first things a prospect sees when they check their email. It’s critical to have a professional corporate email when you’re executing campaigns and sending out offers. If your email is coming from a random looking or free email account address, it’s likely to look like spam and might turn prospects away or make them skeptical about your business at first glance.

4. Establish web chat on your website

There’s nothing worse than when consumers or prospective clients can’t find what they’re looking for on your website. Although you might think that you have everything working in perfect order, if the user interface isn’t simple and clear, you’re bound to lose sales. Sometimes having a contact number or email address on the site isn’t enough. The consumer might have an urgent question, and a phone call or email might take too long. Having a web chat on your website saves consumer time and frustration. Potential clients can talk to someone right away without second guessing their interest in your product or service. We live in a world where we expect answers to our questions on the spot, there’s no room to wait. It’s time to deliver the level of service that your consumers have come to expect.

5. Hire a virtual receptionist

When it comes to winning over clients and prospects, having a live person answer calls, emails and web chat in a timely manner can go a long way. You might think that your company is not big enough to hire a receptionist, but if you’re trying to do it all yourself, things are bound to fall through the cracks. With a virtual receptionist service you can have all the benefits of a receptionist at the fraction of the cost. Your customers and prospects will receive a live, professional person on the phone each time; and with prompt email replies they’ll never have to wait or wonder if they got through. Automated messages are frustratingand make your business look unprofessional. When it comes down to it, personal contact with customers is essential for business growth.

Branding your business in a virtual environment is a huge boost to the success and growth of your company. These five tips give a general overview of how you can start to build a virtual presence. What are some ways you’ve branded your business in a virtual environment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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