Here’s How to Revamp Your Career (By Starting Your Own Business)

Working for someone else often means that your career depends on others. So while you might invest a hundred percent in your work, career setbacks can still happen. One way to come back even stronger after such a setback involves starting your own business. Here’s how you can get started—plus all the reasons you should.

How to Get Started Being Your Own Boss

Working for yourself can feel intimidating. Especially after years of climbing—or falling off—the corporate ladder, becoming an entrepreneur seems like a tall order. Here’s how you can get started the right way.

Head Back to School

No matter how old you are, you never stop learning. And if you’re pivoting into business ownership from another career path, you may need to hone your business skills. You can earn a Master of Business Administration degree and put it to good use on the job. An MBA program can help you learn about business strategy and management, plus help boost your leadership and self-awareness skills.

Make Community Connections

When you open a business, community support is essential. Though many businesses can start and succeed online, making community connections can prove invaluable, whether they’re virtual or live. A few good places to start as a new business owner include joining your local chamber of commerce for professional networking and business information, and seeking out social media groups where the community gathers. These connections can help you discover small business opportunities, events, and other goings-on in your area.

Don’t Go It Alone

While starting a business might sound like a solo venture, you will likely need support at some point in the process. Deciding when it’s time to hire help is one way you can avoid going it alone. Asking for another business owner’s perspective—especially through a mentorship arrangement—can also prove invaluable for your company’s growth. 

Whether it’s handling a heavy workload long-term or outsourcing short-term projects like building a website, don’t feel like you need to go it alone. You can find freelancers for hire through online job boards, and if you need a professional voice with a personal touch to field phone calls, you can hire live receptionists through Davinci. 

Why Start Your Own Business?

Even after facing a setback on your career path, you might feel hesitant to head out on your own. Forging this new path can feel scary and unpredictable. But here’s why you should think about starting your own company.

Use Your Unique Talents

By opening a business on your own, you can apply whatever talent you have to the operation. Instead of developing skills for a specific career, look at where your strengths are. Then, build on them—and create a business model that thrives based on what you put into it. There are plenty of lucrative business ideas out there for people with a range of talents.

Make Your Own Hours

Business ownership can be demanding. According to one Gallup poll, most small business owners work twice as many hours as their employees—at an average of 52 hours per week. That said, the ability to make your own hours is priceless in maintaining work-life balance. You can put in extra hours when you have the time and pull back when your personal life demands it.

Grow Your Sense of Self

Along with growing your small business community through networking and hiring staff, you can grow your sense of self as a business owner. As Bank of the West reported, 94 percent of small business owners said the biggest perk of running their own company was the ability to be in charge of their destiny. Further, 83 percent said managing a company was empowering. The potential for failure can weigh heavily on a business owner. But recognizing the successes of the company as your own victories is a powerful motivation to keep it up.

Dealing with a career setback can offer perspective on your path and life goals. If you decide to hop off the career ladder and go your own way, starting a small business is an excellent choice. The right preparation and a healthy dose of motivation can propel you into the best move of your career.

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