Fox News Talks Up Virtual Office Space, Meeting Rooms

Virtual offices are getting more high-profile media attention this week.

This time Fox News’ own Donna Fucaldo dives into the world of on demand offices, conference rooms and virtual office space in an article entitled, “No More Coffee House Meetings.” If you’ve ever been relegated to a business meeting in a coffee shop, you identify with this headline oh so well.

In her article, Fucaldo rightly contends that small business owners who work out of their homes no longer need to rely on Starbucks to hold meetings. That, she writes, is because on demand offices and conference rooms are rising up to fill the space needs of today’s business owners.

“While conducting meetings at the local coffee shop has its perks, free coffee, WiFi, it could potentially send the wrong message to potential clients and investors,” Fucaldo writes. “Using a virtual office also gives a small business an address they can use on their business cards.”

Fucaldo also acknowledges the fact that virtual offices have been around for a while, but quickly follows up that thought with another one: the virtual office trend has been growing in popularity in recent years. Part of that is the down economy, but part of that is the realization that commercial real estate is not always necessary. Alternative workplace strategies

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