Four Simple Tips for Creating a Smart Home Office

The home office is quickly becoming the new frontier of the business world. A designated office space is a crucial part of maintaining productivity, professionalism, and organization. A professional space can help you stay in a professional frame of mind. Are you looking for ways to optimize the space you work in? We’ve compiled a list of four tips for creating a space for success.

Proper Lighting 

Bright ideas rarely happen under dim lighting. The lighting inside your home office can actually affect your productivity and health. Picking a room with a window is a great way to get exposure to natural light while you spend hours at your desk. The natural vitamin D from sunlight will benefit your health and sleep cycle. Avoid eye strain and perpetual sleepiness if you keep your office too dark. An office without a window will need some overhead lighting, so be sure to place accent lamps in various spots around your desk to provide proper lighting for typing and reading documents.

Add Some Professional Reminders

Working from home sometimes means working in your pajamas. It can be difficult to remember that you’re a professional when you’re responding to emails inside a warm pair of bunny slippers. It’s important to fill your office with little reminders of your status as a working professional. Hang reminders of your accomplishments and credentials on your walls. You can frame any diplomas, certificates of achievement, or professional portraits you own. Being surrounded by professional reminders could provide the inspiration you need to maintain a professional attitude during virtual interactions with clients.

Bring in a Coffee Pot

Everybody who works from home understands how important it is to keep work obligations and domestic life separate. Traditional offices always have a coffee pot. Try adding your own personal coffee pot to your home office to avoid the temptation to wander into the kitchen every time you need a java fix. A trip to the kitchen could result in distractions, unhealthy snacks, and lost time. People who don't drink coffee can substitute an electric tea kettle or bottled water.

Invest in a Good Chair

A bad back is always bad for business. You’re probably going to spend a lot of time in the chair in front of your desk. Every home office needs to have an ergonomic chair. The chair you pick could be the most important investment you make for your home office. Be sure to look for a chair with the right balance of support and resistance. Chairs with mesh backs are a popular choice in the corporate world, today. Many office supply stores also offer kneeling stools. A kneeling stool provides the opportunity to change your posture every few hours.

Your home is where you live. Your home office is where you make a living doing what you love. Davinci virtual office solutions want to help you stay caffeinated, motivated, and inspired to always do your best work in your home office. These tips may help you build a global empire without ever changing out of your pajamas.


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