Scaling Up Ecommerce Activities? Find Out How Using Virtual Offices Can Help You Grow

Global ecommerce continues to grow by more than 20% this year to $3.5 trillion and this trend will continue in the years to come although growth will taper. If you’re planning on scaling up your ecommerce activities, the use of virtual offices is a promising option. It not only reinforces your current activities, but also has the potential to build new ones. Having a physical presence on the ground not only establishes local presence, but also helps generate new leads to expand the business.

Presence on the Ground

An online business can do so many things to promote what it is selling whether it is a physical product or a service. Market penetration in a virtual world is doable where you have access to all forms of communication of advertising your business whether through email, ads, blogs, and so on.

Unfortunately, online presence is not enough. If you combine it with a physical presence, growing your ecommerce activities has a bigger chance at success. For potential clients, they will appreciate the physical presence of a seller making connections easier.  By establishing a virtual office complete with a business address, your business looks more formal and professional. You’ll gain the important trust of clients and build new ones.  

Creates New Leads

Establishing a physical presence has another great advantage especially if you’re selling niche products that would require closer contacts to your client base. By having a physical presence, you not only attract confidence and trust of clients and partners, you also generate new leads to improve your business.

One of the most tedious jobs that cost money and productivity is administrative tasks using up 25% of productive power from US businesses according to a Harvard Business Review. If you can delegate these tasks to experienced people, you will have time to devote to the more important aspects of your ecommerce business such as focusing on the creative aspects of the product distribution/chain or fine-tuning a payments system.

Delegates Tasks

Another important benefit of using virtual offices for your ecommerce activities is that you source talent from anywhere in the world to do the admin work for you whether it’s filing inventories, sending emails to partners, or making the spreadsheet for your financial situation. When you can make use of the services of a virtual assistant, it buys you time that you could use to do other things for the business whether it is to conceptualize a marketing development plan or prepare the blueprint for another.

Using the services of a virtual office company also has other benefits. They receive mail for you and provides physical address that increases the public’s confidence in the legality of the business. Plus, virtual service companies offer other additional services including reception should you decide to rent a meeting room for a few hours or a day.

Lowers Costs

Growing your business costs money. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep tabs on your expenses. One of the perks of using a virtual office company is that the price of using their facilities and services are going to be significantly lower than renting something permanently.

Because you are not going to occupy these virtual offices everyday, you will only be paying for the hours that you use. For example, you might book the meeting rooms at least 2 times a month to discuss with partners and potential investors. Savings are significant or up to $3,200 a month for an office space of 1,200 square feet according to Price Economics.

Expanding your ecommerce activities is part of every business development. By using the services of virtual offices, you get to establish your ecommerce, explore leads as part of scaling up, and delegate tasks so you can concentrate on important things. Virtual offices also reduce operating costs which you can funnel back into the business.



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