Davinci vs. Alliance: A Virtual Office Comparison

The continued popularity of remote work is causing more businesses to move away from physical offices and toward virtual ones. In 2022, in a sample of 25,000 people (representing 157 million), 58% reported working remotely at least once a week, with 35% working remotely five days a week.  

While searching for virtual offices, you may wonder who is the best virtual office provider. While the answer will depend on your company’s needs, Davinci and Alliance are both well-known virtual office service providers. 

Who Are Davinci Virtual Offices?

Davinci is a virtual office provider that also offers various amenities to make hybrid/remote work possible around the world for businesses of all sizes. 

Our service prices are based on location and any services clients choose to add. We’ve designed our services to support all entrepreneurs, whether they’re just starting out or expanding their established business into a new market. 

Virtual Office Services

Our standard virtual office address service includes the basics, such as having a professional business address for a website, entity formation, business cards, and a place to receive mail. We also offer access to a variety of meeting and work spaces, such as day offices. 

If you need something extra to help you stand out from the crowd with investors, we also offer a lobby greeter for all our meeting spaces. Our greeter will acknowledge when your guests come in and lead them to your room. 

You can also add services like:

Daily, weekly, or monthly mail notification and forwarding

License hanging

Lobby directory listing

Registered agent 

What Else Can Davinci Offer? 

Davinci is more than just a virtual office provider; we strive to be a silent business partner for our clients, which is why we offer extra services to enhance any business. 

Live Receptionist

If you need extra help running your business, we can provide a receptionist to handle your calls while you’re free to do other tasks. We have two main plans for our live receptionist services: Business and Premium. 

The Business Plan includes: 

50 live answering minutes for $129 per month or 100 minutes for $239 per month

Advanced call routing and conferencing

Auto receptionist

Call forwarding and call screening

Free local or toll-free number

Live call answering service

Online fax services

Unlimited long-distance calling services

Voicemail management

Our Premium Plan includes all the features of the Business Plan, plus additional features to fit your needs :

50 minutes for $249 per month or 100 minutes for $319 per month

Admin assistant tasks

Appointment scheduling 

Order processing

Outbound calling

Auto Receptionist

Davinci Auto Receptionists come standard with any Live Receptionist plan, but we also offer them as a standalone service. If you still want to handle all your calls yourself then an Auto Receptionist is a great way to make sure your calls are always routed to the right person at a lower cost than a Live Receptionist. Our auto receptionist services come in three packages. 

The first is our Start-Up Package, which is $59 per month and primarily focuses on forwarding calls to the appropriate person. The Auto and Email package includes a corporate email for only $69 per month. The final package is Auto Plus, which is $99 per month and gives you call forwarding for up to four different lines. 

No matter what package you choose, you’ll get these additional amenities:

Advanced call routing

Audio conferencing

Customizable greetings

Mobile app

Online faxing 

Toll-free and local numbers

Unlimited long distance

Voicemail management

Live Chat

When a potential client visits your website, live chat gives them immediate assistance. You can choose between having 25 live chat sessions for $79 per month, 50 sessions for $129, or 75 sessions for $199. 

All live chat services include:

Chat transcripts and history

Customizable live chat greetings

Customer service

Instant availability

Live chat invitations 

Mobile app compatibility

Thoroughly trained live chat agents

Meeting Spaces 

Sometimes, a phone call or online meeting isn’t enough, and in-person communication is needed. Instead of having to research meeting space rental companies, Davinci clients can take advantage of our 20,000 meeting spaces.

Each meeting space is fully equipped with high-speed internet, LCD monitors and projectors, and office supplies so you can be prepared for your meeting. Depending on your needs, you can reserve a space online and choose to rent by the hour or day. 

Coworking Spaces

We also offer coworking spaces for our clients who may need temporary offices. Our coworking spaces are all around the world and have security to keep you safe. All our spaces have high-speed internet and office equipment, so you can easily get your work done.

Who Are Alliance Virtual Offices? 

Alliance Virtual Offices is a competitor in the virtual office space, though they don’t offer as many or as wide a variety of services as Davinci. 

What Services Does Alliance Offer?

Let’s examine Alliance’s service offerings.

Virtual Office Services

Alliance only has two virtual office plans: The Platinum Plan and the Platinum Plus Plan. The Platinum Plan features:

0 hours of meeting room or private office time

Over 4000 global meeting rooms 

Access to meeting and private spaces

Address for business licensing

Address for opening a bank account

Lobby receptionist to greet visitors 

Mail receipt and local pickup

Online notary for registration

Their Platinum Plus Plan is essentially the same as the standard plan, with the only difference being that you get up to 16 hours of meeting room or private office time. 

Live Receptionist 

Alliance has three options for their live reception services. You can get 50 live answering minutes for $125 a month, 100 minutes for $175 a month, or 200 minutes for $260 a month. 

All live receptionist plans include:

One phone number

Appointment scheduling app

Auto attendant

Custom recordings and messages

Dial-by-Name directory

Full online control panel

National 411 listed phone number

Unlimited local and long-distance minutes

Voicemail and email delivery of voicemails

Meeting room

Alliance has over 4,000 meeting rooms for rent, and each rental features:

Fully serviced meeting rooms

Online booking

Options for meetings or solo working

Renting options by the hour, half-day, or full-day

Virtual Office Comparison: The Differences between Davinci Virtual Offices and Alliance Virtual Offices?

While offering similar services, Davinci and Alliance run their businesses differently. The most obvious difference is that Davinci prioritizes flexibility over strict plans, which sets us apart from other virtual office providers.

Our unique way of running our business allows you to choose what services you need. For example, you aren’t forced to pay for mailing services if you don't need them. Additionally, even within our services, we offer flexibility to choose a plan that works best for your business. 


Davinci’s variety of services makes us more than a virtual office provider—We become a silent business partner. Whether you’re a small business that needs a lobby directory listing to impress a prominent investor or a busy company that needs help handling calls—Davinci is here for you.

While offering similar services, Alliance doesn’t have as extensive a catalog of options, instead focusing on rigid plans.


While Alliance does have over 1,400 virtual addresses, Davinci is truly global with over 4,500 different locations to choose from. If your business requires travel, Davinci is sure to have a location close to where you are. We have over 20,000 different meeting rooms, day offices, and coworking spaces. Compared to Alliance, with only 4,000 meeting rooms, Davinci provides you many more options.

Long-Distance Calls

Running a business requires answering many phone calls, some of which are long-distance. When you use Alliance, you will be charged extra for every long-distance call. Meanwhile, Davinci offers unlimited long-distance calls, which takes less money from your profits. 

Additional Live Receptionist Minutes

Sometimes, you have a busy month and end up using all your live receptionist minutes plus more. With Davinci, it can either cost $1.75 a minute on our Business Plan or $2.50 on the Premium Plan. We can also retroactively upgrade your plan to help you save money. Alliance charges $1.75 per minute without offering the same premium services Davinci does. 

The Bottom Line

While “remote work” may seem like a new concept, virtual office providers like Davinci have existed for decades. Davinci celebrated its 17th year in business in 2023, proving we have the experience and expertise to meet all business needs.

When compared with Alliance, Davinci has:

More meeting locations

More virtual office addresses

More flexibility

Unlimited long-distance calls

Get a Virtual Office Provider That’s a Partner for Your Business

When you choose the best virtual office provider, you invest in not only your bottom line but also the quality of your business. After this virtual office comparison, the choice is obvious. When you want a flexible partner, choose Davinci. 

We can have your virtual office ready to go within just two business days. Contact us today to start the process.


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