Citi Relies on Virtual Offices as Part of Alternative Workplace Strategy

When you want to see a company that’s executing an alternative workplace strategy, check out Citi. The banking giant offers an Alternative Workplace Strategies program and a Flexible Workplace Strategies program.

Let’s start with the Flexible Workplace Strategies program because one builds on the other. Implemented in 2005, Citi’s Flexible Workplace Strategies program empowers employees and managers to consider different ways on how, where and when work can be accomplished. The program has been so successful, in fact, that it’s been translated into 16 languages. The program includes flextime, remote work, compressed workweek, job sharing between two employees, part-time or reduced schedule and leave of absence.

The Alternative Workplace Strategies program continues from there to help maximize the use of the banking behemoth’s workspace and reduce its carbon footprint. Here’s how it works: Citi managers, in collaboration with City Realty Services, assess current work styles and environments and offer a range of alternative workplace solutions.

Those solutions include conventional office, shared/hybrid workspace, hoteling, satellite office and telecommuting and virtual offices. Citi’s Alternative Workplace Strategies program offers employees flexibility, reduced community times, better work-life balance and the opportunity for greater collaboration with colleagues who share workspace.

It’s worthy to note that virtual office space is a key to Citi’s Alternative Workplace Strategies program success. Virtual offices are part and parcel of alternative workplace strategies at many companies. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can partner with companies large and small to develop and execute alternative workplace strategies that include virtual offices, virtual receptionists and other virtual communications and technologies.


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