Bizy Debuts B2B Deal Site for Small Biz

Are you too busy to hunt down deals for your small business? If you are too busy, you might want to get Bizy instead of looking for spare time to find the bargains you need to equip your business for success.

Taking a page from the Groupon crazy, a company called Bizy just launched a business-to-business deal site in the U.S. As its first-ever deal, Bizydeals.com is offering Ford's Transit Connect, a popular small business cargo van. Bizy is seeding two 2011 XLT Transit Connects as part of the launch.

"Two enterprising and quick-acting small business owners are going to get a Transit Connect for $11,700 a piece, a 50 percent discount off the list price of $23,400," says Bizy co-founder Gary Slack. Slack's b2b marketing agency, Slack and Company, helped launch eBay Business, eBay's small-business portal, several years ago.

Slack says Bizy is using its marketing dollars to subsidize several head-turning early deals instead of investing heavily in more traditional advertising channels. The 2011 XLT Transit Connect deal will run for two full weeks. That compares to the daily deals from sites like Groupon. Slack figures busy small business owners need more time to think about product purchases than general consumers.

Bizy’s model is simple: It helps sellers of products and services for small business owners connect with their target audience. Groupon has worked to do this on a local basis, but Bizy will take it to a new level by empowering small businesses to tap into savings on equipment and supplies they need to run their businesses.

Upcoming and future seller-sponsored bizy deals will include 50 percent discount offers for small-business-oriented products and services from a variety of sectors, including trade show display services, online payroll management, janitorial services and products, office furniture and products, hotel room stays, virtual assistant support, interior design services and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Consider listing your small business services and tapping into the potential savings on Bizlydeals.com--and let us know how it works.


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