7 Reasons why You shouldn’t Work from Home

Working from home is often over-hyped and over-idealized. While there are many perks to it like no commute and being able to work in your PJs, the truth is that it’s not the best solution out there.

7 Reasons why  Working from Home isn’t what it’s Cut Out to be 

1. Distractions

Spend a couple of days working from home and you’ll realize that your mind often wanders into home matters; laundry needs to be done, you need to cook lunch, the kids need attention, you need to go grocery shopping...the list is endless. Oh, there’s also the looming kitchen that always seems like it’s calling for you to have a snack. 

2. Motivation

Working from home isn’t always motivating, especially if you aren’t able to establish a strict routine. Moreover since you aren’t surrounded by people working nor by a buzzing environment, you’ll be more tempted to postpone tasks. 

3. Always Working

You’ll realize that working from home really means working 24/7. Establishing a strict routine is no easy task and you’ll find yourself answering emails, calls, or working on projects regardless of the time or day. It’s exhausting and it interferes with your home life. 

4. Energy

We’re talking about your home electricity. While for some the electric bill will remain almost the same as when working in an office, for others working from home is likely to increase your electric usage, therefore increasing your monthly bill. 

5. Missed Opportunities for Collaboration

Working from an office--whether a company office or a shared workspace--is great for collaboration, especially when working on creative projects or when hoping to validate an idea. Even though new collaboration  technologies exist, they can never truly replace the effect of working with someone in the same room. 

6. Biases

Even though remote work is highly common today, there is still a negative perception around it. No matter how fast you reply or how many hours you are connected, people often believe that those who work from home don’t work as much as those that go into an office.

7. Isolation

Working from home is lonely and often leads to feelings of isolation, which in turn reduces motivation and your productivity. In extreme cases, this can lead to depression, affecting both your professional and personal lives.


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