Improve Your Office Day Should Include Virtual Office Space

In case you missed it, Wednesday was Improve Your Office Day. In honor of this special day, Staples.com conducted a survey asking office workers what would improve their office.

Although the answers spanned from eliminating office politics (44 percent) to upgrading computers (37 percent) to nicer office furniture (35 percent), two results stood out loud and clear and were among the most named: allowing or encouraging telecommuting (41 percent) and providing more flexible work hours (34 percent).

Based on the results, Staples offered several suggestions for improving the office in ways both employees and employers will appreciate. One of them was arming employees with technology that makes it easy for them to telecommute.

Tablet and notebook computers give employees the ability to take their work with them wherever they go, whether it's on the road, at a client site, in a conference room or working from home.

Improving your office can start with a virtual office. Virtual office space can address privacy concerns—another thing on the wish list of office workers. Although a virtual office doesn’t completely eliminate office politics—you still have to deal with attitudes via e-mail—it does curb the issue. Virtual offices definitely pave the way for more flexible work hours, or workshifting.

Setting up a virtual office is easy. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can choose a virtual office with a  prestigious address just about anywhere in the world. You can also opt for virtual office solutions that will drive even greater productivity, like virtual receptionists, virtual assistants, web conferencing and so on, for a nominal monthly fee compared to traditional office space.

Check out this video on how to organize your office:



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